Madonna announces on Instagram she’s giving Bill Gates $1,000,000

Madonna shares an instagram post outlining that she’ll be funding the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to tackle Covid-19
Madonna talks about how she’s emotionally and personally affected by the Covid-19 outbreak

Madonna goes on to say… “Individually and globally we are living in a state of emergency. One of which most of us have never experienced in our lifetime. I must admit it took me time to accept and process and modify my own lifestyle so that I can protect the lives of my family, myself, and the rest of the human race.”

“I cannot express enough the importance of people taking this virus seriously. It has now taken the lives of friends and people that I know and love; and I now feel more inspired than ever to do everything I can to make a difference for our global community.”

“I have decided to join forces with Bil Gates and the Gates Foundation by making a contribution to their therapeutic accelerator program, to reach our goal as soon as possible, which is to stop the impact of Covid-19.”


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