Interview: Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein: human meat in Mcdonalds, kidnapped children, banking scam, diamond lies

Video Interview with Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein on Turner Network radio

In a rather convincing radio interview between now deceased Pastor Wickstrom, and Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein, concerning admissions were made, which if true, highlight some alarming aspects of society which need more investigation.

Now we’ve done our best to look into the history of this interview and everything is a little sketchy. There’s no obvious record of Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein, which makes us think he’s just been wiped off the Internet. Pastor Wickstrom however does have a wickipedia page and has had his fair share of controversies. Which personally, allows me to believe that there’s more weight to this, as it takes a cunt to know one. The fact they both have their demons is very evident in the amount of passion delivered from both sides in this interview.

Some interpretations have argued that Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein is a Jewish extremist, who is effectively expressing hate at non Jews. Which, if listening to this interview it’s pretty easy to come to that conclusion. Yet, we do have to bare a couple of facts in mind while examining this, and that’s the fact that like any religion it’s very simplistic to generalise as there will always be different sects. Some stats from Paw Research show just how fragmented the Jewish religion is. (see below)

Courtesy of Paw Research

This is in no way to try and play down what’s in this video, but potentially what’s being spoken about is a dying tradition, yet, it’s still worth investigation.

After more investigation, one you tuber has done their best to try and debunk this theory, calling it a hoax, and portrayed by an actor. Although, the amount of passion, and conviction conveyed through Abraham’s voice makes it difficult to not believe him.

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10 thoughts on “Interview: Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein: human meat in Mcdonalds, kidnapped children, banking scam, diamond lies”

  1. Okay so that is the most disgusting, evil, sick, twisted, and demented thing I’ve ever heard and I call BULLSHIT.


    1. see the movie “Cloud Atlas” ….. all of it….yes, they are doing this….its called a frankenburger…..gates of hell started on that one a long time ago


  2. It is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard.
    Unfortunately, I think it is true.
    Money makes people sick. Once a person starts making money, they never get enough. They will sell their soul for more money. I just hope we learn something from all of this.


  3. What makes life worth living if stuff like this is true, right? I’ve had my fair share of trauma in life as have numerous others. This only adds to how dark this life is and makes me wonder why anyone would want to have kids and a family if this is what’s out there to protect and be protected from.


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