U.S. National Toxicology Program finds 3G/2G causes cell damage in rodents

Conspiracy theories are at all an time high in relation with 5G. Attacks against communication towers are happening worldwide. This is all under the pretence that 5G is causing Covid-19 and is responsible for the pandemic currently gripping the world.

Now the 5G “conspiracy” has been doing the rounds on the Internet ever since its inception. The “conspiracy” basically says that 5G is harmful to human health and goes as far as to suggest that it’s a direct energy weapon. Now I’ll leave that down to your interpretation as there is exactly that, many interpretations of what 5G is.

Which is arguably why coronavirus has managed to biggy back on the topic, as anything that can weaken immune systems or put people in danger is very much in the spotlight right now. Yet there’s no where near enough evidence to support the theory that coronavirus was caused by 5G.

Now interpretations aside, and howls of “conspiracy theorist” from across the room, let’s take a look at a recent study which shows that there is something to be concerned about it relation to 5G.

Image: PIXABAY @pixundfertig

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