Refused test, cannula forced out: man refuses to leave hospital without corona test

Man forced to sign waver, refused test, and forcefully ejected out of hospital.

With over 12,000 deaths associated with coronavirus as of April 12th, it’s fair to see why people are concerned about spreading a virus which has been associated with so many deaths. Yet this patient was not allowed to put those concerns at ease as he was forced out of hospital by security staff.

The nurses lethargic approach to the situation is a clear indication that a lot of medical staff are just there to follow orders, and get paid.

There have been large makeshift hospitals built in London, Birmingham, Manchester and elsewhere, so why was this man set free, when he clearly didn’t want to put other people at potential risk?

Specially if he was in such close contact with someone that died from coronavirus?

Even in the China, one of the most overpopulated countries in the world, has only seen just over 3,000 deaths. So what’s going on? Something doesn’t fit. Nothing adds up.

In a recent Facebook post a man is forcefully taken out of hospital as he rufused to leave due to not being given a coronavirus test.


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