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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has come under massive pressure recently since their stance on forced vaccination has gotten a lot of people disturbed.

Since everyone is on lockdown due to this plandemic sweeping across the world, it has given people a chance to sit down and think about what’s going on in their current reality.

This has resulted in a “all hands on deck” response in respects of understanding what’s happening with the current narrative surrounding the Covid-19 situation.

Some particular people that have come to the forefront, is Mr Bill Gates and his foundation, which is headed with his wife Melinda Gates. An ex computer programmer has taken the lead in advising the world on vaccine safety. Sounds a ominous right?

Now because of this, and understandably, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has come under huge criticsm from all over the world. Which as evidence begins to emerge, we’re all starting to see exactly why.

One recent development has been the discovery of how much the foundation has given to BBC Media since 2009. Which for some, this is quite disturbing, and a clear conflict of interests. Could the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation be paying for cherry picked news, while it being demonstrably bias and slanted? Potentially. Yes.

One Facebook user recently shared the following post: “According to information available on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s website, BBC Media Action has received a total of $53,333,560 in grants between 2009 and 2019 from the Gates Foundation. This, in my opinion, provides evidence as to why the BBC has always provided a platform for Bill Gates to freely pontificate upon his eugenics vaccine agenda without any debate, or questions posed.”


A screenshot from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.

Is this why the media has been supporting the idea of immunity passports or potential vaccine certifications that can be internationally recognised?

Natural News recently reported “some 15 countries are already said to be adopting this “mark of the beast”-type system for getting back to “normal,” or at least the “new normal.” Endorsed by Bill Gates and other globalist eugenicists, COVI-PASS is every authoritarian’s dream come true, and it is coming to a country near you.”

A screenshot from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website.

Now I don’t understand what the big thing is about vaccines, as myself and a lot of other people have looked into just how effective and useful said vaccines are, and really, it is not looking good.

For instance, there seems to be a massive rush to create a vaccine for this covid-19 yet it has already been admitted there a various strains out there and it would be impossible to create a vaccine.

Then you’ve got a load of other people saying that the vaccine would be useless because the virus doesn’t exist in the way it’s being explained, and anyone dying from this so called virus actually has a weakened immunity and it’s being triggered by other factors.

Yet still, we have people like Bill Gates donating money to the BBC so they can’t support his campaign to have the whole world vaccinated.

One thing that most people are coming into agreement about though, is the fact that maybe vaccines are not the way forward anymore, maybe we’re doing something wrong…. maybe there is another way?

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