Archive: A WAR IS BUT A “LEGALIZED MASS-MURDER” (C1) – Count Arthur Cherup Spiridovich




Image: ArtTower PIXABAY

A war is only a “legalized mass murder”. Thus CHRIST pointed out those, who arrange all wars and revolutions, and that their chief cause is Satan’s and his sons’ “lust of murder”.

But “Christians” never seem to agree with CHRIST.

The same with ex-Premier of France Joseph Caillaux. When asked how to save France, he wrongly answered:

“The public seems to believe that there exists some half secret remedies as yet unemployed to cure the impecuniosity of States. Work and economy. That is the regimen. Such are the only remedies”.

If France follows Caillaux’s advice and works and economizes without following CHRIST’S indication, then in five or ten years she will become rich again. Then Rothschild V-th or Vl-th will order his Lloyd Georges, Clemenceaus, Woodrow Wilsons, *Bethmaim – Hollweg – Rothschilds, Aerenthals, Sazonovs, Sonninos Kemal-Pashas, Yenizelos, Masaryks, et al, to start a new world war.

And all that the French nation would have earned according to Caillaux’s advice, would be spent in silly mutual self-extermination of the Aryan race, or in payment of indemnity to Germany.

Edouard Rothschild V-th in Paris and the 300 Judeo-Mongols, who are composing the World Government (the Hidden Hand), made 100 billions out of this First World War. Of course, not counting their “lust of murder”, they are willing to stage a Second World War. They are preparing it against rich America.

Controlling the World press, they can easily stage any war.

“If Wall Street should say the word tomorrow, all the editors and preachers would be for the war” (Eugene V. Debs, The Sun, May 4, 1925).

One needs not to be a prophet to foresee such imminent an issue if the French follow the Caillaux way of salvation.

Thus the Dictator of Italy and the presumed Dictator of France show the same serious lack of judgement.

But the necessity of growing statesmen is most vital.

What is a difference between a statesman and a politician? Demosthenes and Edmund Burke explained it:

“A statesman must know how to foresee the future. A politician grasps only the present” (which is already the past).

“To govern – means to foresee”, says a wise old proverb.

Otherwise – “without foreseeing one cannot govern”.

As soon as one agrees with CHRIST, one becomes more bright.

*) As ex-Senator E. F. Pettigrew says in his ” Triumphant Plutocracy”, Mr. Woodrow Wilson pushed the Americans into war against their will.


This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer.

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