Archive: MY SCIENCE SAVED FIVE MILLION ARYANS (C4) – Count Arthur Cherup Spiridovich




Image: PIXABAY (Jüdisches Museum Berlin)

I said that the Christian Civilization could still survive, if this book be read and its message widely spread. Why? Because it illustrates my “Science of Political Foresight”, which has proved its value in such numerous cases and verifying all of my eighty and more predictions in my seven pre-war books.*

Here is one of the proofs of the usefulness of my science: After a long discussion with General McDonough, the Chief of the War Intelligence Department in London, and with the British Foreign Office, I submitted on September 17, 1918, a report advising the signing of peace with Bulgaria, which, as I foretold in the above report, would provoke an uprising of the Slavs in Austria and a panic in Germany and the immediate surrender of her armies. My advice was accepted and two weeks later peace with Bulgaria was signed; two weeks still later the Slavs in Austria rose, and Austria was prostrated: and two weeks after the Austrian defection, Germany was thrown into a panic and surrender forced upon her.

The First World War was thus ended, thanks to my advice!

The self-extermination of the Aryans was stopped. Otherwise, fighting would have continued for many months more and at least some five million more Aryans would have lost their lives in vain, of whom not less than two millions would have been Americans.

Asiatic Bolshevism would have jumped from Russia into Germany, then all over Europe, and eventually to America. Further the thousand million Mongols of China, Japan and other Asiatics and Africans would have found the moment propitious to have repeated the historic invasions of Attila (defeated near Paris in 471), and of Baty, who lost his army in 1240 at Fiume.

These two possibilities were not taken into consideration by those who thought that the Allies should have fought longer, – that Germany should have been crushed and peace signed in Berlin.

I did not advise the Allies not to go to Berlin!

The above has remained an “unrevealed” fact in history!

The only publication in Great Britain confirming it was the Christian Commonwealth which published it in February, 1919. The only newspaper in America was the New York Staats Zeitung, which, although furiously attacking me (April 29, 1921), proved that it was my advice to England to sign peace with Bulgaria that brought about the prompt surrender of Germany.

*) See my “Vers La Debacle (Towards the Debacle). Dangers et Remedes”, published in October, 1913, in which I warned Russia about what since has happened and offered “the Remedies”, which could have saved her.


This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer.

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