Archive: The Secret World Government/”The Hidden Hand” – MAJOR-GENERAL Count Cherup Spiridovich (Preface)





This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer.

“Will our civilization survive?”,

Mr. J. D. Rockefeller Jr. and others anxiously ask.

It will, if this book is read and its message spread.

It surely will not, if this book is trampled upon!

Count Okuma, the farsighted and clever statesman o£ Japan, affirmed this war will lead to the death of Aryan civilization.

Though he knows how it will be destroyed, he, as a Mongol, did not reveal it. Therefore, I shall do it.

“Why did a score of the best British (among them the famous President of the British Empire’s Press, Mr Robert Donald) French, Slav and other editors call me ” Prophetic Genius” or “Prophet” with “astounding”, “marvelous”, “preter-natural”, “miraculous” foresight and intuition?*

Because they found in my 7 pre-war books 80-odd political predictions all of which were later realized, as if prophecies.

Why have I been so successful in all my predictions?

Only because I most humbly agreed with the warnings of OUR SAVIOUR (St. John VIII, 44, St. Matthew XXIII, 15 etc.).

Never did I think that I “know better”, or that I ought to be “less prejudiced” or not so “full of racial hatred”, as He.

That is why everything concerning World affairs and the future of America and of the Aryan Race is clear to me, while all the statesmen, writers, preachers and politicians are puzzled.

Here are some samples of this. Mussolini in perplexity said:

“Yet, the why of war, which has followed human society since its origin, never has been explained, and apparently must be put into the domain of unexplained matters”. (New York American, April 3, 1925).

If Mussolini were a Christian, he would not thus blunder…

Because CHRIST said clearly that there is a “Satan’s lust of murder and that the Jews – his sons – will do it”.

And History, as we shall see, daily confirms this OUR SAVIOUR’S warning which means:

“Gentiles, keep far away from the Jews!”

The Talmud is today preached in every synagogue! It teaches:

“Thou (Jew;) shalt smite the other nations, which the Lord delivers in your (Jewish) hands”… ” kill the best goym” (gentiles.)

*) In the New York Times of April 17, 1907, was published my prediction about the two Balkan and this wars.

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