Archive: THE WORLD GOVERNMENT AGAINST PEACE (C3) – Count Arthur Cherup Spiridovich





“The problems of unrest must be solved, if the Republic is to be preserved” (Mr. Arthur Hobson Quinn, the Dean of the University of Pennsylvania).

Yes! But to solve the “problems of unrest”, and thus to save the White Race, we must know that the World Unrest is caused by the “lust of murder” of the Judeo-Mongols and their firm desire to smash the Aryans and to overthrow everything Christian.

This is well understood by Mr. Madison Grant, who wrote in the introduction to Mr. Lothrop Stoddard’s “Rising Tide of Color”:

“Now Asia, in the guise of Bolshevism with Semitic leadership and Chinese executioners, is organizing an assault upon western Europe”.

The assault of Asia is not to be upon Europe only, but upon the Aryan Race as a whole, especially upon wealthy America.

The wild Bolshevist meetings in New York prove that the same “earthquake” that is destroying Russia, the former Eastern guardian of Christian civilization, is beginning in America. Few Americans paid attention to the fact that all the speakers were Asiatics*.

Why are the Aryans so stupidly blind?

“Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”.

And do we not see the mass-madness of the Aryans in the question of the “League of Nations”,World Court, “War on War”, and so forth? Indeed, millions of well-meaning persons in every Aryan country are working hopelessly, as if pouring water into bottomless barrels, or like squirrels turning their endless wheels. They imagine that the quantity of their work would recompense for the miserably poor quality. They all ignore CHRIST’S warnings.

Only by checking the Jews’ lusts could peace be kept.

When at a political convention in Chicago I begged several professors to explain the wisest statement of the late Vice-President Hon. T. R. Marshall: “The World Government will not permit the establishment of peace”, asking them, “What is the World Government” and “why will it not permit the establishment of peace”, they became confused and could find no answer!

How astoundingly right was Professor Charles E. Merriam of the University of Chicago, when he exclaimed in a lecture:

“What advantages will we reap if science conquers all the world, except the World Government”. – (The Chicago Tribune, Jan. 24, 1924).

*) History proves, and the Jewish Encyclopaedia confirms it, that the so-called “German, Russian, Polish and Eastern Jews ” are Mongols, who accepted the Jewish Talmud, which is not the creed given to Moses. The Talmud seems more like the by-laws of a gang of murderers than a religion, yet it is strictly followed by the so-called “Jews”.

Among others things the Talmud teaches: “The best Gentiles must be destroyed”, and similar commands. However, many politicians have the effrontery to declare that this “religion” ought also to be “respected”, while it ought to be exposed in the Courts, as inciting to murder.


This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer.

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