Archive: WHY IS CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION IN DEADLY DANGER? (C2) – Count Arthur Cherup Spiridovich




Image: Karigambo08 PIXABAY

Because “Christianity” has become positively Christless!

Not only do we not execute the commands of our SAVIOUR, but nearly all our Aryan so-called ruling class, and even clergy, seem to believe that HE was “wrong” and that they “are wiser”.

They think that they must not be as full of “racial hatred” and “religious prejudice” as they imagine HE was (St. John, VIII, 44) when HE condemned the scribes, whose criminal books called the Talmud are being followed by an entire race, which is killing us!

Out of each 100 gentiles 99 will surely shout:

“CHRIST ordered us to love even our worst foes”.

Precisely; that is why we are obliged to prevent the Jews from “doing their lust of murder”.* The more we love somebody, the more must we endeavor to cure his criminality.

“I must be cruel only to be kind”, Hamlet said.

Love and connivance with crimes are different matters.

“Would you tell your beloved child: “Go and murder?”

Love the foes of CHRIST, but check their “lust of murder”.

My book is not religious; but purely scientific. It is not my intention to claim any merit of discovery, for the facts themselves prove day by day how amazingly right CHRIST is.

To follow HIS commands is hard and irksome.** The least that we could do would be to recognize HIS Wisdom and HIS desire to guide us safely even here – on earth. But, as I said, our ruling classes refuse, perhaps unconsciously, to believe HIS warnings.

“When a nation forgets God, God sends an earthquake”,

said the French genius, Victor Hugo. We are witnessing a political earthquake in Russia, in fact on one-sixth of the surface of our globe. By the news from that country we get daily information that “numerous people convicted of counter-revolutionary activity were shot to death today”.

The reason why so many persons are being killed is not because of their counter-revolutionary activity, but is nothing more or less than the deliberate murder of the intelligent Aryan classes in order to substitute the Asiatics.

*) The murder may be moral, mental and physical.

**) The Jews deceived many of us, that CHRIST has never said, that the authors of the Talmud (now followed by a whole race) are the “sons of the devil”.

CHRIST could not fail to warn thus, because, otherwise, the above truth is so obviously proved by the true history, that we would have the right to reproach OUR SAVIOUR for not having thus warned us.

The Jews lied that the Gospel of St. John was written later on, and even might be apocryphal. Be it so (though it is not) but does not CHRIST’S ether statement (St. Matthew’s XXIII. 15) corroborate the St. John’s?


This picture was taken in Washington at the personal request of the late President Theodore Roosevelt by his photographer.

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