NHS staff party away in Dudley at Russell Hall Hospital while the world is on lockdown

UK Police Officer caught threatening to make up charges against someone he pulled over

Facebook does a great job at sucking up all the activities that humans do on a daily basis, and people in official positions are not safe from this, even during a plandemic lockdown.

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A post has to come to our attention which shows just how happy our officials are that you’ve been clapping away for them! Even though a lot of NHS staff sit around, bored, with nothing to do… Well obviously, cause here they are all have a good ole sesh and party out in the car park obviously flouting social distancing rules, even though people have been fined, had their doors kicked in, and been arrested for not following the same rules that have been made into law and forced onto everyone else.

Former Disney star Orlando Brown says Will Smith raped him, Michael Jackson helped and he’s actually Blanket Jackson

The commentary of the Facebook post equally shares the confusion and growing at anger at the hypocrisy shown during this current plandemic… They say:

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“I’m so annoyed by this I can hardly catch my breath! We are told there is a pandemic! People are dying! The hospitals can’t cope!! What happened to social distancing?? No visiting family right?? Stay 2 metres apart right? No large gatherings right?? Normal citizens are being arrested and fined for taking a walk in the country or park alone!! Yet here THEY are hugging, dancing, large gatherings! Now they’re really just rubbing our faces in it. This was the NHS (stay at home save lives) tonight at Russell Hall Hospital, Dudley UK. Facebook keep deleting it.”

NHS staff caught mis-diagnosing patients with underlying health conditions in revealing Facebook post

A big party going down at Russell Hall Hospital while the world is on lockdown
A big party going down at Russell Hall Hospital while the world is on lockdown

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