Former Disney star Orlando Brown says Will Smith raped him, Michael Jackson helped and he’s actually Blanket Jackson

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Orlando Brown has made a shocking accusation, claiming he was sexually assaulted by Michael Jackson when he was a child.

In a bizarre video that has been making the rounds on social media since Wednesday, April 15, the former ‘That’s So Raven’ star ranted incoherently about numerous things, including the sexual assaults, and about how he might be one of their sons.

Brown starts by sitting in front of his camera and talking about Will Smith before going on a tirade about Michael Jackson and claiming that he was “set up” by the “King of Pop” to be raped. He goes on to accuse Smith of raping him, as well as his kids and threateningly rams a knife that he’s holding onto the table. “Every time I see you I want to slice your neck, m*****f*****,” he says.

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He adds that Smith keeps trying to “get away” with what he’s done and seemingly justifies his death threat by quoting the Bible.

The video gets even more bizarre from there. He insists that he is Trey, which is the name of Smith’s oldest son. “I’m Trey. I’m your long-lost son, shrimp b****,” he screams. He then changes his name and says he’s Trent.

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But he wasn’t quite done. He then states he’s the real Blanket Jackson who was abandoned and then later raped. “You’ve been abandoning your son for years, n****. I’m Trey. Everyone know who Trey is,” he says.

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Former Disney star Orlando Brown accuses Will Smith of raping him and that he is actually Blanket Jackson

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