Video of bees droping dead between two cell towers

Why would bees be dropping dead around cell towers?

A video is making the rounds on the internet which depicts a load bees dying around two cell towers. The location is unknown, but it’s obvious what is going on.

Deleted Microsoft advert featuring satanist Marina Abramovic

You may have heard about 5G recently with attacks on cell towers happening all over the world, like the one in Birmingham, UK and Africa. Yet, there is a lot of frustration surrounding the implementation of this technology while the world is on lockdown. There’s been schools shut down in the US , and then the installers have jumped right into action.

Communication companies have of course condemned the atttacks, claiming their staff should not have to be harrased in such a way.

It is understandable why people are concerned about 5G as experts have been warning us about this technology for years. Dr. Riina Bray warns against the dangers of 5G and what effects this technology will have on people’s health. Quite a recent study from the US provided proof that 2G/3G causes cancerous growths in rodents. So obviously. There are reasons to be concerned.

Amanda Holden recently shared a petition which was asking the government to look at the the safety of 5G. Amanda’s tweet was swiftly deleted, and the petition and since been removed.

This video right here is just another part of the puzzle which clearly shows something is not quite right.

A video of bees dropping drab between two cell towers

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