NHS staff caught mis-diagnosing patients with underlying health conditions in revealing Facebook post

In a Facebook post doing the rounds some damming claims are made about what happens to patients when they attend hospital.

“I’m getting more and more shocked at the handling of this whole situation. Do not resuscitate forms being signed against people’s wishes. “End of life” care started on suspicions of corona virus….this is medical tyranny, and surely only “legal” because of the governments draconian laws introduced with the corona virus bill…

“My aunt was admitted to St heliers hospital 2 days ago for an infection, she has a complicated health history and this was just another infection, she’s had many many before and it’s usually sorted with some IV antibiotics. She was taken directly into a coronavirus ward & placed on there. We panicked and said she is immune compromised, why would you put her there?. They said to us “she has the virus” – despite not testing her or her showing any signs of the virus!.

NHS staff party away in Dudley at Russell Hall Hospital while the world is on lockdown

We asked for a coronavirus test to confirm what they’re saying, it came back negative but they have told us even tho she tests negative, it isn’t correct because the tests aren’t accurate and she “definitely has corona”. They’ve now refused to give her any antibiotics or treatment and said she is end of life.

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This is somebody who went into hospital for a course of antibiotics which she desperately needed, they’re now saying sorry it’s definitely corona which we can’t treat because she’s “so unwell”, so instead we’ll give her lots of sedation to keep her comfortable. When she dies they’ll put coronavirus as her cause of death, despite there being NO evidence of this. Something really isn’t adding up, I’ve heard of this happening to people but until it happens close to you it doesn’t feel real 💔”


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