After what seems like years of speculation, Courtney Love has finally spoken out about her name being associated with Jeffrey Epstein. In a somewhat fleeting post to Twitter, she disregards everything, and claims that she never knew Epstein.

Courtney Love’s contact details were found in Epstein’s infamous little black book.

Epstein died at a Manhattan jail last year while awaiting trial on alleged sexual assault and trafficking charges of underage girls.

Taking to Twitter, Love wrote: “Hey. About my name in Epstein’s address book, it’s creepy as fuck that I’m in that thing I agree. I didn’t know him, never met him, didn’t know who he was. Apparently he collected celebrity phone numbers. The end. Hope he burns in Avīci hell.”

To think that Courtney Love has an ominous connection with Epstein is a little curious as the rockstar has publicly spoken out against such behaviour in the past. In 2005 she was interviewed by a reporter and Courtney just comes out with “If you’re invited to a private party with Harvey Weinstein at the four season, don’t go”.

Speaking in 2005, we may as well have been a million miles away from the reality of Weinstein actually being jailed in 2019. Just think of all the misery that could have been prevented if someone actually took her seriously in 2005.

Yes, Courtney Love was in the phone book of Jeffrey Epstein, but as many have pointed out, she wasn’t on the flight logs.


Yet wait, there is always another side to the story right? Some people seem to think there is more to this, and unconfirmed reports of her father Hank Harrison dropping Courtney in it are starting to make waves. One Twitter user commented…

You will notice Hank mentions a place called Zorro Ranch in New Mexico, which is actually a Jeffrey Epstein property. Now it is well understood that the ranch sits within 10’000 acres of land, so the accusation of slaves being taken out into the desert and being had away with sounds plausible. One would assume and hope that there will be an investigation into the surrounding land of Epstein’s Zorro Ranch.

Then there was more, someone jumped in on the feed and made a comment which firmly puts the light back onto Courtney again…. stating the following…

One twitter user goes on to mention the link Courtney has with Prince Andrew. This has allowed speculation in regards of the relationship Courtney had with Jeffrey Epstein.

Courtney Love pictured with Prince Andrew

In a 2006 TV interview, Courtney claimed to have met Andrew in Welsh border village Hay-On-Wye, alleging he came ‘looking for chicks’.

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