OPINION: the coronavirus is a HOAX (WARNING: extremely long post)

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The coronavirus is a hoax. Get over it.

The Coronavirus is a hoax like 9/11 is a hoax.  Did the towers fall? Yes. Is there an actual Coronavirus making people sick? Yes.  That’s not the issue, the issue is the way these events are used (or created, depending on who you ask)  to deceive the public.  

The Coronavirus is a hoax because if you do a side by side comparison with 2019 of overall deaths you see no significant difference.  Should there not be a significant difference in the amount of deaths this year, given this “pandemic” we’re facing?

What about the fact that a huge amount (dare I say the majority) of the coronavirus death-toll are people that died with the coronavirus – not from the coronavirus, not because of the coronavirus – just “with” the coronavirus.  Essentially, while the number of deaths related to coronavirus were going up, all the other causes of death were going down.  One article from May about the sharp decline hospitals were having in heart related patients – another article from 2 weeks ago that offers a rather convenient explanation for this decline, as well as informing us that the amount of heart-related deaths has actually been in excess during the “pandemic”.

People like me claiming the coronavirus is a hoax should provide sources for this claim, of course – I mean, why should you believe such an outrageous claim if I can’t provide any sources to back it up? 

Before I tell you why, consider this: On September 11, 2001 the media showed footage of WTC 7 collapsing like a controlled demolition.  This event has not been covered by one major news outlet since September 11, 2001.  Not one new outlet worldwide has talked about it – and not just major news outlets either – not one T.V. news station, magazine, newspaper or website has discussed this.  You will only find any information about WTC 7 on very fringe, outlier alternative news websites a.k.a. the only sources for news available that haven’t been compromosed by the global elite cabal behind both 9/11 and Plandemic 2020.

This worldwide cabal owns all the major news outlets. They own all the alternative news outlets, too.  They own every T.V. channel, every newspaper, every magazine and every online news source – nigh complete control of all the information we have available to us.  We are entering a new age – an age of no means of privacy and no means of knowing what is real.   With our modern technology, we can’t trust photographs or videos – but it doesn’t stop there – we can’t trust statistics, either.  We could check out something like “heart related deaths 2019 vs 2020” online one day, and come back to it a month later and the numbers have changed.  Trying to prove that the numbers were altered is extremely challenging, another aspect of the “new normal” is the inability to prove anything.  

The inability to prove anything is part of the design, another link in the chains that bind us.  Wise men have observed the historical lie about “the end of slavery”; slavery didn’t end – it was updated to the 40 hour work week – wage slaves that give a full day of their bread back to Uncle Sam, so he can fund the war machine. War – has never ended.  Oh no, they just know that we aren’t going to go overseas and get exploded for poppy fields and big oil anymore, so now they wage a new war in order to control us – and war has always existed as a means of controlling the population BTW, disguised as a state of patriotic fear.  This isn’t World War 3 – this is World War Me.  As in me, and you – and all of us; the haves against the have-nots.  The 99.99% that have nothing vs .01% percent that have everything.  The patriotism isn’t even necessary anymore, only the constant state of fear and confusion that we are kept in; trapped like a fly in a web spun by the black widow that we call the 24 hour news cycle.  We’re the dirty laundry caught in the spin cycle of the brain-washing machine – and we’re dizzy as phuck. Here’s a source claiming the virus is a hoax

This new war is known as Nonlinear Warfare and it is being waged on societies all over the world, and has been for years.  Guys like Putin and Trump are the generals, using their armies of government and media to keep their citizens under control.  Operation Mockingbird is complete, and apparently successful.  You can see the mind control in your day to day life, the socially engineered mood. One day you walk into the grocery store and everyone is wearing masks and avoiding each other; then, when you walk in the next day, more people aren’t wearing masks than people that are, and their is more positive energy radiating off of them.  Then, the next day you walk in and it’s back to masks and social distancing.  You can’t walk in the store without a mask, you get hit repeatedly with a middle-aged woman’s purse without a mask.  You don’t get service without your id or social security # or mask or vaccination.  Then everyone has an app that alerts them that someone that has not been vaccinated is in the area. An outcast – pariah. Socially inept; undesirable. Contact Tracing sure sounds fun!!

What is with the mask thing?  I want to know what you think would happen if everyone just decided not to wear a mask tomorrow?  Would we all start getting sick, and dropping dead like flies?  Would we put each other at higher risk of infection?  Or would nothing happen?  Can you even consider the possibility that nothing would change?  The world wouldn’t end, nobody would get hurt – everything would be fine.  You might not believe it, but why not?  You can try and prove it, with statistics that are fake and the advice of experts who are lieing to you (whether they know they know they are lying or not).

So I was originally responding to this comment in a thread on r/conspiracycommons:  What evidence do you have that COVID-19 is a hoax, and that literally millions of people worldwide who have contracted the disease and/or died from it, as well as all of the individual employees in health systems globally, along with all elected officials globally, as well as the epidemiological, virology and medical communities globally, are all simultaneously involved in a conspiracy to fake a virus?

First of all, it is a misconception that so many people would need to be in on the coronavirus being a hoax.  This is a misconception that is also often used to defend the moon landing hoax, and the reason that millions of people don’t need to be in on it in order to pull it off can be summed up in one word: compartmentalization.  The way N.A.S.A. operates is very compartmentalized: one company makes the windows of the rocket, another company makes the engine, another company makes the paint etc.  This process makes sure that the people complicit in creating the hoax are not even aware of it.  Not even the astronauts have to be in on it – ever hear about the astronaut who said “this feels just like the training simulations” during one of the Apollo missions?  Now imagine a rocketship on a giant spring rocking back and forth in an empty room, occupied by people who think they are going to the moon. Now stop imagining that shit it’s not even reality! (Beligerent Belch)

The healthcare professionals aren’t in on a grand conspiracy, they are just doing what they’re told. They’re hooking people that shouldn’t be hooked up to ventilators up to ventilators and killing them with ventilators. They are testing for antibodies that fight many viruses instead of testing for the coronavirus (which was isolated months ago).  If you don’t understand how people could defy common sense by propagating a hoax then why would you accept a vaccination for a coronavirus?  People are going out of their way to ignore their rational, logical voice in their head that is still wondering “where the exponential growth at?”

As I mentioned previously, evidence is becoming an endangered concept in the digital age – so instead of convincing you that the coronavirus is a hoax using evidence (that paradoxically can’t be proven), I’m going to take inspiration from the OP and go on a journey through time, back to the post-traumatic stress we all suffered through nearly 2 decades ago:

 “The War on Terror / The New Normal”   “Terrorism / Quarantine”  “Osama Bin Laden/ Covid-19”  “Al-Qaida in Afghanistan / Wet Market in Wuhan, China”  “Hijacking an Airplane with Boxcutters / Eating Infected Bat Soup”  “Weapons of Mass Destruction / Safer at Home”  “The Patriot Act / Face Mask Requirement”  “Department of Homeland Security / Social Distancing”  “TSA Patdown / Lockdown”  We all know that freedom fries were bold faced lies…

In 2020 people have no faith in God and they don’t trust anybody – but as human beings we are wired to be trusting and to put our faith in something, so what do we do?  We put our faith in the government.  We put our trust in the media – the “experts” – a word that we have been conditioned to trust.  You know, kinda like the word “vaccine”.  Outside of conspiracy circles, it seems like nobody questions the mainstream media, while they continue traumatizing our society.

I remember the day the media hyped up the coronavirus, because it was the same day Corey Feldman released a documentary in which he accused Charlie Sheen of being a pedophile.  You would think that in today’s climate of #metoo cancel-culture an accusation of this magnitude would garner an iota of attention from the media… but apparently not.  The coronavirus was – and is – just too massive of a concern to be bothered with that tiger’s blood drinking maniac. In retrospect, repeatedly shouting “winning!” like a retarded drunk kid with turrets was the right move. Speaking of drunk retards, why did the media spend so much time covering the story about the chick who tried to cash in during the height of #metoo madness by accusing Aziz Ansari of Baba ghanoushing inside her mouth?  I heard, saw, and read about that pointless garbage several times – but that was the way things were in the before time. Also, he’s not even funny.

The American media prepared us for the horrors that were soon to become reality when they repeatedly showed video footage of black “refrigerator-coffins” to temporarily put all the dead bodies in, so they could keep them… fresh… you know, while they figured out where they could put them when there were so many dead people?  That was part of the story the media used to “groom” the U.S., in conjunction with the shitshow in Italy, the country with the oldest population in the world.  Something like 80% or more of the people that have died from coronavirus have been over the age of 80 with pre-existing conditions.  I don’t really have a source to back that up, but I’m convinced that at this point the media are literally making up most of the shit their telling us about corona-con. (Reminder: most news anchors aren’t intentionally lying to us, they believe that what they are reporting is the truth.  I have to emphasize most news anchors because several of the well known talking heads are actually cia agents that are absolutely aware of the lies they feed us.)

This cesspool of mindless consumerism that perpetuates the growing state of obesity is helping create an epidemic of stupidity that’s spreading faster and more rampant than unprotected fucking distributes std’s – and it can’t just be me who thinks about ways in which things constantly be changing our non-functioning society, and it actually seems like everybody could be too blind to see… or maybe, it’s ’cause they don’t want to believe that the reason behind showing news on T.V. is not to inform people about what’s happening – it’s mind controlling and redundant propaganda in a C.I.A. funded brain-washing machine, stealing souls through the screen, from people like you and from people like me – because everybody in our society are all prisoners here; we’ve been cursed since the day of our birth – and we will never be free.

I don’t know if anybody outside of America would remember that day back in April when the media subjected us to all that footage of the mass graves being dug in New York – y’know, so they could put the nice, cold bodies they were keeping in the black refrigerators into the mass graves.  Like, just dump piles of bodies on there.  Reminiscent of the mass-graves during the Holocaust that we’ve all seen the video footage of, the main difference being that they actually had bodies to put into those mass graves…

Reading conspiracy theories has been a hobby of mine for more than a decade, and while it is a very fun and enjoyable way to pass the time, with numerous conspiracies to dive into, that amass and encompass an extensive variety of subject matter spanning the entirety of recorded human history and beyond – they are also an important part of our collective human story, and I feel confident that we are currently at a crucial point in human history where having any degree of knowledge and understanding of conspiracy is more important than it has been for… well, centuries!  

The further along you wander, and the deeper you dive into the murky unknown of conspiracy, the more aware you become of how indoctrinated we all are… meaning the more you begin to understand the dishonesty in a lot of things that are considered to be “truth” by the mainstream.  For example, I used to think Holocaust-deniers were insane – how could any sane person deny that the Holocaust happened?  The whole idea is offensive, and a cool way to get punched in the face at the bar.   Today, the words “Holocaust Denier” have a completely different meaning to me.   They are not denying that the Holocaust happened, or that an incredible amount of human suffering occurred within the walls of the concentration camps; it is what we have been taught about why it happened, and the people that helped Hitler rise to the position of power he held.  Basically, the very intentional way that WWII and the Holocaust played out, as if it was scripted and rehearsed.  Being that the definition of the word hoax is a malicious deception,  the Holocaust was a hoax, carried out by the same global, elite cabal that is responsible for the current hoax. 

 The Holocaust is only 1 example of history being written in a way that perpetuates the agenda of the ruling class.  Every defining event in the history of the United States of America has been an extremely violent exercise in deception.  The founding fathers inciting the Revolutionary War with a ridiculous story about “outrageous taxes” that fooled an entire army into sacrificing their lives over it, and is still fooling children and adults alike today, for example, or John Astor being the only person from the U.S. allowed to travel by oceans and trade with European countries during the war of 1812.  Why is it that while the entire country was placed under the Embargo Act of 1807, Mr. Astor was able to amass a huge amount of wealth trading furs, a defining time for the Astor family as they continue to enjoy their position as one of the most powerful and influential families in America to this day?  Furthermore, why is this rather important bit of American history silenced? If they silence this, and lie about that – what else are they lying about? What else are they not talking about?

The coronavirus is a hoax.  Don’t take my word for it, though.  Don’t let the media make up your mind for you, and ignore the shills and idiots screeching in the comments section of reddit about why you should wear a mask and how people like me are dangerous and how over 100,000 lives have already been lost to this pandemic, and people refusing to wear masks will make it 100,000 more!  The people who were so convinced that we would be devastated by exponential growth 6 months ago are now talking about the 6th wave of the Spanish Flu – it’s still coming, just you wait!  The media is just lying to us. 100% bullshit.  Florida is dying.  I’m sure.  Who’s dying? Somebody did, definitely.  An old guy died.  The worst wave of COVID-19 was back in November and December, before the media had even reported on it.  The symptoms were the same only much more severe.   So severe that it was almost as serious as the situation in Florida that the media has fabricated.   I just remembered – the media was caught red-handed asking medical employees to stand in line at a corona virus testing location to make it appear to the television viewer that people were in line to be tested, when nobody was.  The media tells us one thing, then tells us the opposite thing the next day.  The CDC has reported both the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of wearing facemasks.   They have admitted to beefing up the death tolls. Why would they do that? WTF IS GOING ON?  They are playing us all big time, and it seems like nobody is even willing to stand up and proclaim that this virus is bullshit!!   

Don’t listen to me.  The best thing you can do is look at your own situation that is happening to you in real life.  How bad is it?  Is the worst thing that’s happened the pretentious, entitled, self-pleasing attitude emmanating off of people who preach about the importance of wearing a face mask.  Ugh…. Just fuck off already.  Where I live, according to the statistics, something like 1out of every 150 people has had the coronavirus.  Well, I know a lot more than 150 people.  And all the people I know know people too… I mean, there are thousands of people in my network. Why have I not heard of 1 (okay, I know of 1) why have I not heard of 2 people that have been affected by this virus? With the way things sound I should know, personally, someone who has died from (from) the coronavirus.  People should be dieing! I don’t know of one person – out of a few thousand – that has even been hospitalized. Nobody I know does either! It’s a pandemic! We should all know several people that have died! The statistics don’t add up! At all! It’s almost as if the whole thing is faking bullshit.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if you disagree. Sorry if you are offended because people aren’t dieing in real life. Sorry about your Dad.

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  1. There have been a lot of conspiracies of late like the Russian Collusion which you alluded to. Totally orchestrated and used to take out Trump but failed. Also the Ukraine phone call was a set up used to impeach. As far as JFK I believe there was more than one person. I lived through that and saw Oswald shot live on tv by a dying man. Covid was orchestrated by China and unleashed on the rest of us. Trump has nothing to do with it. But the fear mongering is the hoax as I know not one person contracting it nor do they know of any and we are all in the risky age. Older people in rest homes usually die but now they are counted as covid. They may have died anyway. And HCQ will help to reduce the deaths but the governors are in cahoots with Democrat doctors to dismiss its effectiveness and some have banned prescriptions to be written. My husband’s Democrat doctor told him HCQ was only a placebo. That’s a blatant lie by a doctor.So you see there are conspiracies you just have the wrong people involved in them. Look to Fauci, Cuomo, Schiff, Comey, Hillary, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Biden, Obama. And 9-11 wasn’t a planned demo of two landmarks and 3000 people. That’s a sick thought. My neighbor lost his oldest son in that terror attack.


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