Jeffrey Epstein owned Colorado ski chalet that sold for $24 million in July | NOVEMBER 16, 2020

The late heiress Libet Johnson named him to her trust before her death.

Jeffrey Epstein had a massive real estate empire that included an apartment in Paris, two islands in the Caribbean, a Palm Beach mansion, a massive New York townhouse and a ranch in New Mexico. But OK! has obtained paperwork revealing these were not his only properties. One thing he kept secret was another — never-before-disclosed — sex chalet!

In 1997, Epstein became an owner of a ski chalet in Vail, Colo., that just sold this past July — for $24 million.

Documents show that the property was purchased in 1994 by Elizabeth Ross “Libet” Johnson, the great-granddaughter of the co-founder of Johnson & Johnson. She is one of those rare individuals who was known to be a client of Epstein, and a few years into their professional relationship, Epstein got Libet to make him an owner of her property.

A 1998 property transfer that is dated May 13 and signed by both Johnson and Epstein transfers the property from the heiress to a trust set up in her name by the pedophile. That document is only signed by those two individuals, along with the appropriate notaries and clerks, but none of Libet’s heirs. Her six children did have a claim to the house, as she was one of the two grantees in that 1998 agreement, with the other being Epstein. Upon her death, they inherited her share.

The document states that Epstein can “convey, encumber, lease or otherwise deal with interest” in the property. That gave him the same rights to the chalet as Libet. There was never a change to that trust before the house sold this year, and the deed references the owner as being the trust as created in the May 1998 document. The deed for the property was signed by Libet’s daughter, Annabel Teal, in her capacity as a trustee of the estate.

It is unclear if Epstein then received half of the sale from this home, or if he had listed himself as a grantee to run some sort of financial scheme. It is similar to what he had done with Les Wexner when he inherited his Upper East townhouse from the L Brands founder. If he was in fact still an owner of the chalet, then the money would go to his brother Mark Epstein, but the government does not seem to be aware of the property. It is one of two Epstein properties not listed in the breakdown of his assets provided by his executors to the courts.

It is also worth noting that it was not sold during Libet’s lifetime despite the fact that she stopped going to Vail. She became increasingly reclusive, as she battled Alzheimer’s towards the end of her life — though, prior to that, did occasionally appear at social functions, sometimes on the arm of one-time boyfriend and Epstein pal Frédéric Fekkai.

As for the property, The Stockton Group described the chalet as such:

A homesite chosen by the original investors of Vail for its unparalleled access to the ski slopes, unobstructed views of the Gore Range and pristine natural surroundings. This home combines timeless luxury with impeccable craftsmanship while absorbing the incredible history of this premier ski-in/ski-out location. Off the backyard, is the Golden Peak base area and Riva Bahn high-speed quad. A legacy property with unmatched privacy and proximity to the ski mountain.

The 7,738-square-foot home is located on half-an-acre of land and has seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, multiple fireplaces, an elevator and a pool.

Jeffrey Epstein Colorado Deed by Chris Spargo on Scribd.

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