REDDIT: Did Isis save this boys life?

A Being Saved My Life

Trigger warning: abuse

I will spare y’all the gruesome details, but my grandfather was a sadistic, violent predator. To cover up an affair, my dad dropped me there for the weekend-mom thought we were camping. Grandfather abused me terribly (I was 8). When I regained consciousness, I screamed at him that I would tell what he had done. That pissed him off, so he drug me outside in the middle of the night, and tied me to one of those old, metal lawn chairs. It was Autumn and it was drizzling outside.

I was so cold that night. I’m pretty sure I had hypothermia. I just remember shaking and that the wet and cold hurt.

I was going to die- I felt it. Then there was a bright, blue light. Out of it stepped a tall, thin woman’s with black hair, cut straight and straight bangs. She was wearing white and had a bead necklace. She walked over to me and touched my face, then hugged me. Her skin was so soft and she was so warm. Then she stood behind me. I expected she would untie me and we would go into the light- I thought I was dead. Instead, she put her arms around me, and she had colorful wings. I remember being shocked because I thought angel wings were white.

I immediately got warm, and dry. My muscles relaxed and the aches and pains from grandfather eased. I can still feel the warmth that I felt. I can still remember her floral smell. I never in my life before or since felt as safe as I did in her arms/wings. She stayed until morning. I think grandfather forgot me because he came running out at dawn. He commented that I must have gotten loose because I was dry and everything was still wet out.

In high school we were studying Egyptian mythology. I saw a painting of Aset (Isis) for the first time and knew it was her that had saved my life. To this day, I have a statue of her in my living room to show thanks for saving me.

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