REDDIT: I just received a hand written letter that is unexplainable.

I honestly don’t know how to explain this strange hand written letter I received last week. For backstory: my family and I have been staying with my parents for three months because I’ve had some health problems. We didn’t tell a lot of people because we were still in the same town and everyone was sheltering in place anyway. Last Monday my mom told me I had received a letter in the mail and I could tell by her voice she was intrigued. It was strange that I was getting mail at her address as they had only lived there about two years and it had never been my permanent home.

I head downstairs and she hands me a written letter addressed to me but using my maiden name. I’ve been married over ten years and my name is now distinctly different. The return address is in town from “Patty C.” (Names changed obviously). I don’t know anyone by that name. To reiterate, my parents didn’t own this home when I went by my maiden name. So we’re obviously very interested to see the contents of this envelope.

I open it and unfold a hand written note on 9.5×11 ruled notebook paper. The letter is very personal so I won’t type it out but it goes into detail about my health struggles and how this Patty C person cares deeply for me and is praying for me to get better. She wrote like we are best friends. At the bottom she signed her name with a P.s. to call her anytime.

My mom and I are so incredibly confused and concerned about who this person is so I decide to call the number. A woman picks up and I ask for Patty C, the woman pauses and then sighs and explains that her mother, Patty C, died a year and half ago. I apologize and am about to hang up, more bewildered than ever, when this woman (let’s call her Kim) ask why I’m calling for her mother on her (Kim’s) cell phone.

I’m not sure what to say and stumble through an explanation that I received a letter from her mother and it listed this number. Kim is silent for a while. Then she says she’s only had this cell number for 6months, well after her mother’s death. I apologize again and say there must be some mistake and hang up.

My mom and I decided to google the address, it’s a small public park in town.

I’m so confused. Paranormal occurrence Maybe? Extremely strange glitch? Extraordinary coincidence? Who knows. This is going to bother me for the rest of my life.

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