Found kitten on grave

The following took place yesterday and today:

I had a kitten pass away yesterday. He was my little shadow. He slept on my chest every night, never left my side during the day, and literally gave me kisses all of the time. He would lick my mouth whenever I made the kissy face/noise. He was an amazing little creature. He was only a couple months old. He got a cold, when the weather got hot suddenly, instead of the steady 70’s we were used to, he got a little cold. This isn’t uncommon. It’s similar to allergies in humans.

I immediately took him to the vet to get him some medicine. The vet gave me some medicine for him, but warned me that he may not make it. He passed away yesterday. He was not in pain, he was in my arms, and not alone. I was heartbroken, still am.

So, I bury him in the corner of my garden, a lovely little shaded spot under a tree. I put a couple rocks over his grave and picked some flowers and placed them there. I miss him desperately, and I cried most of yesterday and today. This evening I am going out to my car, and I walk out the front door to head to my car. You must understand that while I buried my kitten in the front garden, when you leave the front door you have to turn to look where he is buried; the path to my car is heading in the opposite direction.

I walk toward my car and I hear a voice in my head “turn around”… I stop because it startled me. But I listen and turn around and look toward my kittens grave. Curled up, sound asleep, on his grave is a small kitten. I walk over slowly because I don’t want to startle him. He doesn’t startle, but he does wake up and look at me. He appears to be blind. He stretches out and meows and I bend over and pick him up. He immediately starts purring and licking me. Just like my kitten did.

I know this is probably a coincidence… but the timing is amazing. My kitten passes away. I bury him, and the next day I find a little kitten curled up on his grave. I have never seen this kitten before. He by some miracle he was sent to me, I promise I will not take this gift for granted.

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. I have a vet appointment scheduled for this evening, as it was the first one available. I will post another update after the appointment. The kitten, he is a male, seems to be at least partially blind. He responds to sound and smells, and sometimes walks into things. However, if you get really close to him, he seems to see you a bit. I am wondering if perhaps he has some kind of eye-infection. We will find out tonight.

I still have not decided on a name. Help is appreciated. Marvel is a wonderful name, but I haven’t decided yet. He is black and white, his tail is mostly black with speckles of white. He is truly a beautiful little thing. My kitten who passes away (his name was Kane) would have loved this little guy.

Curled up and sleeping soundly.

Update: Kitten has seen the vet. We have decided to name him Eli. Eli has a severe eye infection, and may be permanently blind. He has been given three medications, and hopefully as the infection clears, his sight will come back. But it may not. He is healthy other than the eye infection; no temperature, heart rate and breathing is great. And his bowel movements are good as well. Hahaha he actually pooped on the vet tech during his examine.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. Eli is currently getting all the cuddles and kisses.

UPDATE: I just wanted to update everyone on the latest. Eli is doing great so far. He is responding really well to his meds. I was just examining his eyes and there is a bit of color behind the filminess. He is so active. He is running around and jumping on things. He is super talkative, he is constantly meowing his adorable kitten meow. I mentioned in a comment below that its like he is narrating his life.

I could not be more proud of this little guy for being so strong.

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone, again, for all the support, prayers, and love. Eli and I can feel your support and we are both grateful. I am so happy I shared my story with all of you. Another thing, I have gotten a few notifications of my phone, telling me about comments and showing me a brief bit of the comment, but when I open up Reddit the comment is nowhere to be seen. I just want you guys to know I am grateful for the kind words, and I am trying to answer as many comments as possible. If I don’t reply to you, it could be that the comment disappeared. I don’t know if this is a Reddit thing or what, but I want you to know I am not ignoring you. One such comment came in recently, I am not sure who it was from, but they said they had been following my post and that my posts were altruistic, I went to open the notification to read more but the comment was gone. So if the person who wrote that comment reads this: I had to look up what altruistic meant, I believe you called my posts unselfish, and for that I am grateful and I thank you for your kind words. I am sorry I could not finish reading your comment.

Anyway, Eli’s next appointment is Friday evening, so hopefully then I will have some definite updates about his sight. Love to you all!

UPDATE: Eli just had his one week follow-up appointment and I am happy to report that he is doing amazing! The vet was so impressed with the progress he has made. She confessed she was nervous they would have to do surgery on his eyes because they were so badly infected, but after todays appointment she happily exclaimed that she believes his eyesight will return. He has already regained some sight, and the vet believes over the next couple weeks his sight should return, hopefully completely! I am so happy that he has overcome to huge hurtle. He is gaining weight and even bossing around his husky older brother. Thank you everyone for the support and love, it is now, and always will be, much appreciated!

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