I’m either crazy or I rented a house in a straight up evil portal.

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I am really quite moved by the support I received here today. It felt really good to get it ‘out on paper’ and the support from all of you were cherries on top! So for that, thank you!

The Valley

Alright, I’ve been lingering about in this group and I’d like to share my story. I’ve always believed in the paranormal until, ironically, I experienced it. I have since moved, and all is well again. Buckle up, we’re going on a journey.

To give you some visuals about the land. It was a crappy old trailer sitting on about 5 acres in a really beautiful valley in the South West. There is a seasonal arroyo which during monsoons would turn the back three acres into nearly a lake. The back half of the property was lined with a wooded ridge, mountainous area. Very rural. About 9 miles from town, down the shittiest dirt road that has ever existed.

As with most adults I entered a period of life with some pretty big obstacles and struggles. It was a sequence of events which led me to renting this run down POS. At the time it seemed serendipitous. An acquaintance had mentioned a property near her I could possibly rent for dirt cheap, while we were hanging out under the new moon.

Fast forward to the next new moon, this property owner contacts me (I’d told her she could give my deets if it came up as available) and after some chatting we agree to meet.

This place was not the Ritz, not even a HoJo. It was a run down trailer that hadn’t been cared for in, probably ever. I believe firmly in listening to my gut but any red flags that came up were squelched by my excitement to maybe have an opportunity to pull myself out of the financial hole I’d dug myself into. He needed work done on the property and would trade for rent. I was swept away at the glimmer of freedom i was staring at. I hands down accepted the keys.

Before moving in, I had to first clean the entire place. So much bleach. As I cleaned out several years of other tenants things, I took note of how many sentimental items had been seemingly abandoned in closets. Some of it I set aside, with no idea what I’d do with it, it just felt wrong to throw it to the dump.

After several weeks of bleaching and blessings, I was nearly ready. I invited a dear friend of mine (M) to come out with me to celebrate. While finalizing the cleaning and working on a broken water pump the acquaintance (now neighbor) comes over with the entire family in tow (two smalls; two teens;husband).

The energy shifted in a way I couldn’t not notice, the husband was behaving….off. He wasn’t being social nor was he being antisocial. In the spirit of don’t rain on my parade I brushed it off. It was discovered the keys had been locked in their vehicle, and he (neighbors husband) would need to go fetch the spares from next door. He invites my friend to go along with him. Leaving me with acquaintance and children. We are chatting and listening to music.

I knew a storm was coming and was feeling excited for an early summer storm. She, on the other hand, was becoming increasingly anxious. She has no, known to me, fear of storms. She is pacing with one of her smalls, looking out the windows for headlights.

I was in the kitchen and she on the porch looking for the returning men when there was the biggest, loudest, Boom I have ever heard. My entire body swayed with it. I said to the kids in the kitchen that Mother Nature was very vocal tonight and giggled to ease their surprise.

The youngest she is holding is screaming and she has come back in the door, absolutely bawling her eyes out. I am completely confused. I take the baby to comfort him and I hold her in my other arm.

She cries and weeps for the next however many minutes until the men arrive. She departs shortly thereafter. Her husband is absolutely invigorated and my friend is quite obviously shook.

Turns out, they were driving on the road back when the lighting struck the ground directly next to their vehicle. Scaring my friend half to death. The strange part though was the drive takes less than three minutes, but from the boom (lightening striking) and when they arrived was at least 20 minutes.

After the neighbor family departs, my friend is ready to go. Go, right now.

After arriving home and checking in with one another we had done so. He tells me he loves me but he will never go out there again. At the time I thought maybe he was just really freaked by that freak storm and it would pass. He never would come back, and in fact our relationship took a nose dive after this.

Fast forward to move in time.

I’ve got all my stuff in place, and my dog, rabbit, & cat seem very content to have places to play. I was feeling so good that this was my ticket. I had a bonfire soon after, and burned all those items I’d kept when cleaning the house. It just felt right to let them go ceremonially.

The first night I had a nightmare. The worst I have had in many years. I kept waking up and falling right back in. Each waking I awoke screaming. I know I know, it sounds dramatic. It was.

This dream took place entirely at this new place. I was so afraid. No one would help me. There was one of the teen boys curled up in the corner wearing flower patterned swim short type things, he wouldn’t answer my pleas. I kept peeking out windows into the blackness, knowing there was something outside. I finally summoned the courage to open the door. On the doorstep were snakes. Green snakes twisted around one another. I screamed for some to call the neighbor and he needed to bring a gun. He arrives and gets out of his truck with a shovel and a nonchalant way about him.
End Dream

The nightmare left me a little on edge, as when I have nightmares I’m typically under stress and I didn’t feel stressed in the least.

Two days later I am lounging in my hammock enjoying the sun and watching the rabbit and the cat play in the fenced area while the pup is sniffing about outside looking for treasures. I hear a very loud noise near the dog and simultaneously the dog jumps back.

I go to investigate and there’s a damn rattlesnake right outside the fence. I have never in my life seen one or heard one for that matter. I decide I have to “take care” of it bc of the cat and rabbits safety. I know there’s a pellet gun inside that might do the trick. I stare at this snake a moment longer, it looks weird. That’s when I see the second head. Never have I seen ONE rattlesnake in my years of life but here I am staring at TWO all entangled together. I immediately decide this job is above my pay grade and I call the neighbor over and ask him to bring a gun.

A few moments pass and he arrives. The moment he exits the truck I flash back to my nightmare and my breathe just caught in my throat. He exits the vehicle; with a shovel and a sardonic grin. His teen exits as well; wearing the exact shorts I had dreamt and was uninterested in being there so he was quiet.

He dispatched both snakes, noting to me how dangerous it may be for me to live here without a gun. His tone and look made my skin crawl.

As time went on the nightmares grew worse, but were Always at the property. I would wake up screaming multiple times per night. In my nightmares I would scream ‘bruja’, a word I have Never used in my life was now a frequenter inside my minds eye.

The dreams shifted to images of something dark and slimy (I can’t describe what it looked like but I “knew” it’s texture) in the back room.

The back room was vacant because after moving in I had felt increasingly uneasy in that space. I couldn’t go near it in the dark without feeling fear so deep I wanted to vomit.

The neighbors around me became increasingly rude and seemed to making a point to make me feel unwanted.

I finally got to the point, I was terrified to be there and was so sleep deprived I called on a shaman to come visit me to help me bless and clear whatever weird things were hanging on. She asked me what exactly was happening that made me feel I needed an outsider. I told her. She asked me where it was. I told her. She was quiet. She told me no. She would not visit and it was her advice I leave, and leave immediately.

I wasn’t ready to give up that easily and told her no. I would not be chased away.

I called around until I was connected with two women who agreed to come perform a cleansing for me. During this we walked the yard and came to the bonfire ring and she dead stopped. What did you burn?! I was kind of taken aback at her tone but I told her and she says You shouldn’t have done that.

Directly after that she informs me she needs to leave. I never heard from her again.

I became increasingly isolated as anyone who would visit me, wouldn’t revisit. Dear friends who point blank told me the area made them uncomfortable.

I began to wake in the night between 1-3am, every single morning. One of those time I woke to a deep male voice, saying words I could not discern. Another a woman’s voice saying words I could not discern. Yet again a deep male voice saying “I’m not ready yet”.

These incidents left me feeling crazy. There had to be an explanation. Had to be. This is where I should say my belief in the paranormal was tested and I realized I don’t think I had ever Really believed.

One morning I feel myself wake but I do not open my eyes and I say in minds voice No. I will not look at you. I drifted back to sleep, I was suddenly awoken this time it felt like I had a fever my body was so hot and my minds voice says It’s time to wake up. I glance at my phone and it’s 230am.

I downloaded a sleep recorder, because why not. And what I captured was….a thing. The most distinguishable was a woman’s voice, saying Come Home. Another was singing in the far distance. Another was a woman’s voice screaming Shut Up! (In true no evidence style, I deleted that app as soon as I moved)

It was around this time I started seeing the thing in my peripheral vision, in the kitchen.

My dog would growl at windows into the darkness and wake up barking often throughout the entire duration. She was aggressive to every single neighbor and my landlord, but no one else.

A few things to summarize

  1. On about 2 miles of road there were about 11 properties which had been seemingly abandoned in the middle of the night, leaving behind all their possessions.
  2. The items I burned were love letters, children’s cards to their mother, and items such as that which had value.
  3. I placed cameras outside hoping to find a person coming and messing with me, the only thing I ever caught was a big deer coming through
  4. I was told by ghost chasing types, this place was a portal being used by other worldly things
  5. When I moved the neighbor dropped by on my last night and point blank told me I couldn’t leave, he wouldn’t let me
    The night the neighbor came over There was a lot of rambling that evening. Some it included
    random comments about me being a Scorpio and him a Leo, he was stronger than me. That I knew what I had done. (Mind you, at this point my
    partner had moved back from the east coast and was there that evening). He said I couldn’t leave and I couldn’t take him (my partner)
    either. There’s a lot and nothing to say about it. Nothing ever came from it, I moved and have never looked back! There was a man who lived down the whom was suspected of spray painting strange things into abandoned houses. One of them said ‘Keep out!
    Krampus is watching” at some point it was a painted over to show only the words “is watching”. On multiple occasions various vehicles would stop on the road by my driveway and sit there. This was not a traveled road by any stretch. So, coupled with the unexplained, there was a lot downright strange human behavior too.
  6. Please don’t chastise me for lack of evidence
  7. It was the absolute worst 8 months of my life
  8. I contacted multiple shaman/seer/ghost people during this time and all told me under no uncertain terms that I needed to move and I needed to move immediately.
    *The reasons why varied. I think I can summarize it down to the area was full of nasties which they were not willing to work with and these
    nasties meant me no good. *
  9. I reconnected with my dear friend after I had moved from the terrible place

I’m curious to see what the community has to say about this and admittedly a little nervous. This entire experience tested what I believe.

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