So I seduced my ex best friend’s husband for revenge… here’s how it went down.

First post here so if I screw up the format or have a lapse in decorum cut me a break, it’s unintentional. [MF]

So my now ex best friend and I had been growing apart a while, mainly due to the fact that she disappears in relationships and got married last year. It became a situation where she would only call me when she wasn’t stimulated or occupied, which was rare. This change, given how much had been sacrificed for her without reciprocation, was the last straw for me (A bit of backstory- I essentially saved this woman’s life and took care of her after a horrible relationship where my husband financially supported her completely).

So I have been going through a bit of a hard time due to a close family being terminally ill with cancer, which she knows. I had sent messages over and over and got ignored, and when she finally responded she acted as though I was being needy by expecting to see her sometimes to talk when I needed it (keep in my I rarely try to open up to people other than my husband). She even went as far as to say I have no right to expect her to message back, she doesn’t answer to me etc (keep in mind this is the woman who lived off my family for a year before we helped her move when she got a job).

So I am a proud person and I left it alone, but held my ground after the blow up out of principal alone. A sincere apologize would have been enough, but when I stopped messaging things got nasty quickly and I blocked her.

Fast forward 2 months and I get this random message from her very attractive husband (I am a Hotwife/ stag- vixen couple so anything you see is NOT cheating by our rules and lifestyle). I just could not stop myself from wanting just desserts and revenge, which apparently were not that hard to get. Here are the messages I exchanged with her husband…

Convo 1

Convo 2

So needless to say I fucked my ex-best friends husband this morning. Here’s how it went down.


This is my first post here and I’m not even sure I did it correctly. And yes I expect judgement- “I’m an evil homewrecker” and what not.

That maybe the truth, but it doesn’t change what occurred. And yes, I enjoyed it.

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