The same people claiming flu season is practically non-existent this year due to masks and social distancing are the ones telling us COVID is skyrocketing because we aren’t masking and social distancing.

Two months into flu season, Washington state has reported ONE lab-confirmed case of influenza: The one thing that should INFURIATE anyone who doesn’t live in fear of COVID-19 is the demonstrable over-reporting of the coronavirus compared to other ailments, including the flu.

Years ago, a brilliant scientist named Peter Doshi eviscerated the flu hoax:

Are US flu death figures more PR than science?

US data on influenza deaths are a mess. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledges a difference between flu death and flu associated death yet uses the terms interchangeably. Additionally, there are significant statistical incompatibilities between official estimates and national vital statistics data. Compounding these problems is a marketing of fear—a CDC communications strategy in which medical experts “predict dire outcomes” during flu seasons.

The CDC website states what has become commonly accepted and widely reported in the lay and scientific press: annually “about 36 000 [Americans] die from flu” ( and “influenza/pneumonia” is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States ( But why are flu and pneumonia bundled together? Is the relationship so strong or unique to warrant characterising them as a single cause of death?

Here’s the rub: They’re lying through their teeth about “the flu”.

The “flu” is their convenient excuse for the mass poisoning of the population with their lethal pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

Lockdowns didn’t reduce “flu” cases…they’re just calling “flu” cases “COVID-19”.

This is the single stupidest and most obvious hoax in the history of mankind.

Wake up folks, or we’re in BIG trouble.

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