Man Appears To Poop On Airport Floor And Walks Away, Leaving Another Guy To Slip And Fall In It

By Ellie Kildare

A viral video circulating online appears to show a man casually defecating on an airport floor while walking by, leaving another man to slip and fall in it. The surveillance footage, which was allegedly taken at an unknown airport in Turkey, immediately disgusted viewers who couldn’t believe that someone could be so gross – and that the other man could be so unlucky as to slip in the substance!

1. TO BE FAIR, THIS MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE POOP.It’s unclear what the brown substance that drops from the first man’s pants actually is. It’s certainly squishy and leaves a mark when the other man slides in it, but there’s no definitive proof that this is actually poop.

2. IT COULD ALSO BE A SETUP.We know some people are absolutely desperate to go viral, so there’s a chance that this whole thing could be a setup. Maybe the pooper and the guy who fell in it are actually friends and set this all up to get attention online. Looks like they succeeded, if so!

3. EITHER WAY, THIS IS SUPER GROSS.Whether it’s true or not, the very idea of someone possibly relieving their bowels on the floor of an airport and just walking by all super casually is super gross and really nasty. Here’s hoping this is one big hoax!


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