Assange Denied Bail. Campaigning For Freedom and Justice

By May Ayres

It didn’t take very long to confirm that we are truly in the final stage of a police state.

The euphoria on Monday when Assange’s extradition was denied (a wonderful interlude of laughs, smiles and hugs) was short lived. I confess that I was sceptical of the premature celebrations then, as were many others. Craig Murray was convinced that bail would be granted. 

Wishful thinking. Today witnessed the true betrayal. Assange denied bail. This, if you thought about it, was the obvious outcome. They cannot let Assange survive. They are out to destroy him. He is the head of the snake as far as ‘they’ are concerned. He being the most powerful voice railing against government crimes.

Unfortunately I was arrested and dragged away before the official announcement that Assange has been denied bail, was delivered to the presstitute press, so I still do not know the official reasoning behind this verdict.

The “presstitutes” were allowed to clump together whilst the Julian Assange supporters were targeted, intimidated and arrested. This included Eric, at 92yrs still campaigning for freedom and justice. He was surrounded by cops but the cameras and witnesses to his intimidation was too much for the cops. They had to back off. Apparently, he was given a lift home, all charges dropped.

I have been charged with breaking covid rules. But I really don’t care at the moment, what this all means. I just feel disgust at what is going on.

It is horrifying what is happening. But if the people really cannot see what is happening then it is difficult to keep even a shred of optimism that common sense and our collective humanity will win over this tyranny.

The recent voices from Palestine does not lift any optimism that justice will prevail. But what is the alternative? To give up, to bow to this tyranny or to keep fighting?


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