🔥 Binance X Ocean || Learn & Earn Program 🔥 Earn up to 20$

By FreedomBuilder (via Publish Ox)

📈 OCEAN is Already Listed on Binance Exchange.

🎁 Total Reward: Pool of $20,000

🏦 Go to Binance and get your UID “User ID”.

✈️ OCEAN Learn & Earn Quiz Google Form.

📌 Visit OCEAN Learn & Earn Quiz Google Form.
📌 Get your your UID “User ID” in Binance.
📌 Complete the quiz on the Form.

🛠 Quiz Answers are below 🛠

Q.1) How can individuals benefit from a Web3 enabled data economy?
Ans: D: All of the above

Q.2) What is the main advantage of Ocean Protocol?
Ans: D: All of the above

Q.3) Which of the following statements are true?
Ans: B: Data DeFi leverages datatokens to open up new opportunities in the DeFi space

Q.4) What can you do on the Ocean Market?
Ans: E: All but C

🔴 Please remember that all airdrops should be free, and you don’t need to pay any penny. Just submit and wait patiently.

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