Get ready for the merging of BETFURY Casino

By Makingdigital (via PublishOx)

I have already spoken on previous occasions about Betfury, one of the best cryptocurrency online casinos to make money. An application that works within the Tron blockchain and that last month they introduced the BNB coin both in the Faucet and in the boxes.

Betfury represents what every self-respecting casino should have. Security, trust, continuous improvements, support, faucet, possibility of obtaining passive income, staking service and tokenized bets. This invites us to continue playing every day.

Yesterday the Merging was definitively concluded. Betfury has unified its BFG (BTC) and BFT (TRX) tokens into one. Now we only have the BFG token and all supported cryptocurrencies will be used to mine these tokens when we bet.

In the next two weeks we will have 15% more mining bonuses, each bet, regardless of the asset you are betting, will give you 15% more fractions of the BFG token.

The tokens are the epicenter of the page, since having them in possession will bring us dividends daily without the need to do anything else. Every 24 hours we can go to the Staking section and claim our winnings. The more tokens you have, the more dividends you will generate.

The rewards obtained through staking diminish with the passage of time since part of the tokens that are distributed undergo a burning process so that the ecosystem remains healthy and users with large capitals do not remain leveraged for a long time receiving large amounts of dividends . Thus, Betfury ensures that players continue to bet to maintain their dividends.

Let’s not forget that in the last few weeks, they have been offering several boxes of BNB with more than a 30% return. A real pass.

As I say, one of the best online casinos, without a doubt. By the way, 48 hours ago, I requested a withdrawal of 1650 BTT and they arrived in a matter of minutes. Pay, promise and surprise.

Hopefully Betfury will stay with us for a long time.


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