Upland Update (March 2021)

By LouP77 (via PublishOx)

Upland SF

So here we are in mid-March 2021. Hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Upland writing contest. I enjoyed reading what others had to say about the game and being able to share my own viewpoint. It’s entertaining to play.

They’ve tightened the rules a bit in Upland where new players at Uplander status can buy at most two properties classified as FSA (Fair Start Act) per week.


I believe there are similar rules for FSA sales as well, though I have several pre-rule change FSA properties that seem to have been grandfathered in as far as the per-week limit goes.

This ultimately is a good thing as otherwise Uplanders would remain highly motivated to target only FSA territory. In turn, that means a slower market for flipped property, particularly combined with new locations (and thus plenty of new FSA lots) being opened up as demand for the game has grown.

Upland properties San Francisco

The adjustment has led me to target San Francisco territory for the relatively few FSA properties that cycle onto the market there in Upland. The website upx.world remains an invaluable resource for anyone playing, in part because of its ability to quickly show you FSA territory in a given city/area.

I’m nearing the cap for Uplander status (86,000+ out of the max 100,000), and soon FSA territory will be outside of my reach altogether.

But until then, I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the Upland FSA market for my two-per-week limit. Looking to buy/hold in San Fran, as I see strong long-term value there if you can purchase at mint price.

I’d suggest you do the same — if you can. Have fun!



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