VIDEO: School Board Member Arguing For Mandatory Masks Nearly Passes Out While Wearing Mask

Despite becoming short of breath and taking long pauses between words, the district voted to keep the face mask mandate.

By TOM PAPPERT (via National File)

An Idaho Falls District 91 got heated when pro-mask Board of Trustees member Elizabeth Cogliati became short of breath and struggled to speak while wearing a mask and also arguing for mandatory masks, prompting media to declare that she “almost passed out while wearing the face mask.”

When Board of Trustees Chair Lara Hill declared that the mask mandate must remain, because “The CDC is recommending that all phases of schools reopening, no matter what the community transmission is like, (is) to continue masking so you can stay in school,” she was questioned by an anti-mask member, Trustee Paul Haacke, who asked how many times the CDC visited schools in the district.

At this point, Cogliati interrupted to admit that the CDC does not visit schools, prompting Haacke to respond, “Exactly. That’s my point. They are creating regulations,” before being loudly interrupted by an upset Cogliati.

“You interrupted me, Paul! You interrupted me! Please do not interrupt me,” she shouted. At this point Cogliati appeared to have difficulty breathing through her pink face mask, and began taking deep breaths and taking long pauses between words. A brief excerpt of the argument was captured and posted to Twitter.

“They don’t need to visit our school district to make recommendations … for everyone … and … they … currently have … recommendations out that with the current level … of transmission … in Bonneville County … that we should be in hy … brid … for the elementary schools … and virtual … for … middle schools and high schools,” Cogliati added, emphasis added where she paused to apparently catch her breath.

Despite the bizarre behavior from Cogliati, the Board of Trustees ultimately voted to keep the mask mandate, with only Haacke using his vote to dissent. Children will also be allowed to attend classes in person five days per week, up from the previous four.

Also troubling, a Wuhan, China based company recently sent a large number of face masks to daycare facilities and schools in Canada, only to have the distribution frozen due to potentially toxic materials in the masks that could lead to permanent lung damage.

The cost of face masks has also been disastrous for the natural environment, as once pristine locations uninhabited by humans are now littered with face masks, and there are more face masks in the ocean than jellyfish.


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