USA & WHO Come Out Against Vaccine Passports

via Truth Talk

In what could be a major development in the seemingly unstoppable global march to vaccination based Digital ID systems, two main players in the United States and World Health Organisation have both voiced major opposition to the project.

The White House has ruled out introducing mandatory Covid-19 vaccination passports, saying citizens’ privacy and rights should be protected with press secretary Jen Psaki saying there would be no “federal vaccinations database” or a “federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential”.

Joining the chorus, The World Health Organisation is now saying people should not be required to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to travel overseas, warning that vaccine passports would isolate poorer countries.

Dr Mike Ryan, who leads WHO’s public health emergencies program, said “This is a complex issue … There are ethical issues regarding equity, we already have a huge issue with vaccine equity in the world, the imposition of requirements for certification of vaccination before travel could introduce another layer or such inequity.”

“If you don’t have access to a vaccine in the country then you will effectively become isolated as a country as vaccine passports kick in. So there are many, many, many issues.”

Australia has begun preparations for an international vaccine passport, but it is not required when quarantine-free travel between New Zealand and Australia resumes on April 18 due to the countries’ COVID-free status, and Israel is already fully into it’s green pass system which is having major effects on those not wishing to be vaccinated.

Whilst it’s clear that the fight is far from over, the USA formally stating they will not have such as system for those of us who believe it will be used to further erode your rights and become a social credit scoring & behavioural control platform is a big win in the ongoing war against the slide into technocratic fascism.


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