Leo: Those who don’t want vaccine “may change their mind” if denied travel & events

by Ben Scallan (via GRIPT)

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said that though he expects some people will refuse the covid-19 vaccine, he believes that those individuals may change their mind if the government restricts their ability to travel or attend events.

Speaking on the Dermot & Dave show on Today FM, the Tánaiste said he was worried that some members of the population may have an “apathy” or hesitancy about taking the jab.

“We expect there may be 10 to 15% of people who will refuse the vaccine and just don’t want it, although, they may change their minds if the ability to travel and attend mass events is linked to it,” Varadkar said.

“One thing I’m a little more worried about than hesitancy is vaccine apathy.

“They found in some countries, like Israel was one, that there’s a lot of people who aren’t afraid of getting the vaccine – they just don’t really get around to it.And when the numbers go down low and people start going back to their normal lives and there aren’t many deaths, it kind of falls down the priority and people say, “oh I’ll get a vaccine, but I’ll get it later.”

“What we really need for this to work fully is to get about 80% of people vaccinated,” he added.

“That’s where you start to hit herd immunity, where the virus just doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Some have recently expressed concern that public confidence in the AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines may be slipping as several world governments stall or postpone their use over concerns of rare blood clots.

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