Public Masking Does Not Stop the Spread of the Virus. The Ultimate Goal is “Mandated Vaccination”

By Prof. Bill Willers (via Global Research)

It is established that public masking does not stop the spread of viruses, and that prolonged use is detrimental to health. The sudden mandating of masks in 2020 has been a program of mass behavior modification based on constant repetition of a lie. The mask is intended as the first of a one-two punch combination, the second — and the ultimate goal — is mandated vaccination. Requiring masks is a means of getting the public to warm to the idea of minding governmental orders.

Laughing at “face diapers” as trivial is a serious mistake. They are a psychological assault beyond adverse physical effects and are part of the isolating strategy that includes “social distancing” and home quarantine. The crucial importance of the mask in the larger scheme to vaccinate the whole of society is seen In the unyielding coercion by official public health authorities to keep people masked.

To acknowledge public masking as the fraud that it is would spell doom for the Gates Foundation/Gavi Vaccine Alliance/WHO project to vaccinate the world. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is doubling down on masking with all of its considerable power, which it exerts through the World Health Organization (WHO), state organizations such as the CDC, and the university-affiliated schools of public health that send forth the “public health experts” seen in mass media and in communities across the nation.

Public health is primarily about policy, policy is about politics, and politics is a specialty of Big Pharma. What has come to be known as “public health” has been captured absolutely by the pharmaceutical industry to become a mechanism for framing policies according to its interests. The uppermost interest now of the pharmaceutical-governmental complex is to vaccinate the world and to make regular vaccination a mandatory aspect of the ’new normality’ of a globalized society.

As billionaires have joined the pharmaceutical industry’s global vaccine initiative, it has formed an unrivaled financial power, magnified as it links to the World Economic Forum (WEF) with its goal of The Great Reset of the world economy.

This interview of bioethicist Leemon McHenry, author of “The Illusion of Evidence-Based Medicine”, is a revelation of the degree to which this collective power is so pervasive that it has been able to get its ghost-written articles into the most distinguished medical journals, thereby dragging down the reputations of the journals and trust in mainstream medicine itself.

Trace the backgrounds of public health experts displayed by mainstream media and placed in advisory positions in state governments, and you find virtually all derive from, or connect to, university-linked schools of public health that are awash in pharmaceutical money, e.g. Bloomberg School at Johns Hopkins, T. H. Chan School at Harvard, Rollins School at Emory, and the Milken Institute School at George Washington University. These high-profile “experts” hew to an official blueprint opposed by many medical voices from around the world that are being scrubbed from public awareness because of media ‘lying by omission’ or through active ‘deplatforming’.

Society has been coached to rely on the pronouncements of media-showcased experts for its views of world events.

If any one expert could be understood to personify medical opinion in the service of mass vaccination, it would, these days, be Dr. Leana Wen, a professor at the Milken Institute School. Young, articulate, smooth and telegenic, and with a power-packed bio — (“Young Global Leader” for the World Economic Forum, “Global Health Fellow” at the World Health Organization, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), consultant for the China Medical Board, and much more) — she hammers mask and vaccine advocacy into the public mind.

You see her on CNN, then on PBS, then on MSNBC, and you see her columns in the Washington Post, that CIA molder of public opinion:

“As more states lift restrictions … there will be no carrot left to offer.” –Leana Wen, Washington Post

“[T]he vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life … we have a very narrow window to tie reopening policy to vaccination status [and] if everything is reopened, then what’s the carrot going to be? How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine? [O]therwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway. –Leana Wen on CNN

“[A]fter vaccination … still keep on wearing a mask … We are now in this race of vaccines versus variants … We need to understand masks and vaccines as the ticket back to pre-pandemic normal … Then, [after vaccination] you can travel [and] see your family.” –Leana Wen on PBS News Hour

Wen reveals that lockdowns are related not to well being of the public but to manipulation of the public.

Take the jab, she says, and then you can have your freedoms back.

Her’s is a classic example of one of Singer’s listed techniques for controlling humans: “Manipulate a system of rewards, punishments, and experiences in order to promote … group-approved behaviors.” Lifting lockdowns is the “carrot” she refers to, dangled in front of a herd longing to be free, and she frets that the herd is wanting to “enjoy these freedoms anyway” without waiting for permission from the army of ‘public health experts’ she so perfectly exemplifies. Oh dear, she’s declaring, opening up society too soon negates the carrot that could be used to force public compliance.

And she talks of a “ticket back to pre-pandemic life”. Really? Take a look!

There is no ‘going back’ in The WEF’s Reset plan, and there is no way that Wen could be ignorant of that fact. Any figure claiming a path to pre-2020 normality at this late date should not be trusted further.

Reading the signs it’s obvious that what is planned (as she perhaps unwittingly reveals with “this race of vaccines versus variants”) is a future of new “variants” and “mutant strains” coming in wave after wave, to be attacked with ever more vaccines ’til the end of time — strategy for an unending river of riches for the industry now in firm control of ‘western medicine’. Anyone who hasn’t had at least a glimmer of suspicion about this global show by now is either hopelessly gullible or living in willful ignorance.

It’s disheartening to watch Wen, with her wealth of polished credentials and honors, articulating bilge. But then, she is representative of the uniform message coming from schools of public health. How has such a situation arisen?

During a discussion of journalistic self-censorship, Noam Chomsky said to his interviewer, “I’m sure you believe everything you’re saying, but what I’m saying is that if you believed something different, you wouldn’t be sitting where you’re sitting”.

Chomsky is referring to a winnowing process existing within establishment systems that identify early in careers those with certain desired traits and inclinations for advancement. So it is, apparently, in the industry-driven world of official public health policy, as its army of experts proclaim mask and vaccine orthodoxy.

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