Rocky business bans COVID vaccine recipients from entering premises

By Adam Ophus (via rdnewsnow)

A local Rocky Mountain House business is making waves on social media over a new policy they’ve implemented.

Tea Rocks, a metaphysical supply store, posted a new policy Tuesday stating they will not allow any individual vaccinated for COVID-19 within the last month to enter their store. 

The reason they’ve given is that they have a pregnant staff member and have implemented it for her and their staff’s safety.

“Hate us if you want, this is our stance and new policy,” the store said in its Facebook post announcing the policy.

The move comes from a theory circulating on social media that claims people who are vaccinated can “shed” the spiked pathogens from the vaccine onto women, affecting their menstrual cycle or fertility.

Tea Rocks says there is “no proof the vax works and no proof it does not shed.”

Owner Christine Foesier noted that this ruling is not for all vaccines, only for the COVID-19 and all the “Unknown’s around the vaccine.”

The store’s Facebook page has exploded with comments and shares from across the country and the world both for and against the policy.

One user wrote, “Now THIS is a business practice I can get behind.” 

Another shared their worry about the possibility of the page spreading misinformation, which Tea Rocks responded to by saying they are just trying to protect themselves and their staff.

This isn’t the only time the business has caught the public’s eye. Last December, the store had anonymous complaints sent in to AHS over a lax stance they had taken regarding mask wearing. Shortly afterwards, the store stated that they had been the target of a review bomb, which is when people on mass target a business giving it poor reviews on the internet.

It was mentioned that calls have been constantly coming in from people all the way from B.C. to Nova Scotia since the post went viral. She did also say that she was appreciative of the support they’ve been receiving on Facebook. Christine mentioned that since the posting they have been seeing a lot of local support.

She is also asking that people “Stop the harassment just because we want to look after ourselves and employees.”

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