“So your local government, is basically robbing the fuck out of you. Just to let ya’ll know. Love yall.” – Baron Edmond De Rothschild

“Government class 101. DMV and Drivers License. Considering the Federal Reserve is independently owned, and the Federal Government is independently operated, that means that if you license which is considered to be an operators license, you’re allowed to OPERATE, federal equipment, that’s what that means. Technically, considering that you have a free right of travel, which means that you can get in your vehicle and drive to where-ever you want too. But the second the stock market became independently owned, once the stock market became independently owned, that means there’s 4.5 million businesses that now have an owner, and now that you have an owner of all them businesses. Now you’re required to have a drivers license, an operators license, In order to operate my vehicles. An operators license is not for a civilian operating their own personal equipment. That is for people that are, have businesses, like me, that are on the stock market exchange, like I do, and the requirements that I require, in order to drive my vehicles. Okay, so just help ya’ll out a little bit. So, if you’re waiting for that DMV Class, just to get your operators license, it does not mean that you cannot operate you mum or dads vehicle. It means that you’re not, licensed to drive one of my federal vehicles, or one of my businesses that are on the stock market exchange. That’s what that means. So if you have a federal drivers ID, a federal drivers identification card, a federal operating license. If it says federal, on your license, technically that means you can go get into a police car, a cop car, er, any state or, civilian/city and actually get in it and drive it, because technically that license is a federal license (which is independently). So that means anything that is owned by the federal government, that means you are licensed in order to drive it. Just to let you know. There’s a big difference, and that’s er, been erm a big concern, for many years, over a lot of things. The taxes, on vehicles, are supposed to be underneath of self proprietary owned businesses. Businesses that are on stock market exchange. Businesses doing transferred, which is for, material goods, or a concept of money/currency, so technically if you’re a civilian, you were never meant to pay taxes on your vehicle, because that’s the free right of travel. So, technically, erm, if you wanna be all honest, you’re being doubled taxationed. Without representation. Technically what that really means is, you’re being taxed by the federal government, and then you’re being taxed by your local government. Twice. And technically, yeah, it’s not supposed to be like that. So your local government, is basically robbing the fuck out of you. Just to let ya’ll know. Love yall. Share this. Educate some people.”

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook 23.00 (GMT)


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