STUDY: 70% of Men Would Rather Die Early Than Give Up Meat

An overwhelming majority of men would rather die young than give up eating meat

By TANNER RADFORD (via National File)

Normal functions of men and humans alike, also known as “toxic masculinity” by the left, reign supreme again in a new study conducted by No Meat May.

No Meat May, a group that encourages people to give up meat for a month on the fraudulent basis of “Climate Change” and “Fighting against toxic masculinity”, recently conducted a study that surveyed 1,000 male participants. 73 percent of the men said they would rather die 10 years early than quit eating anymore meat.

Although 81 percent supposedly care about the “climate crisis” , 79 percent would not give up meat for it. According to No Meat May co-founder Ryan Alexander, “Significant research over many years has shown that eating meat and other animal products increases the risk of developing certain cancers, heart disease, obesity and having a reduced life expectancy, not to mention being one of the biggest contributors to global warming and the destruction of our environment. Yet our survey alarmingly shows that Australian men are either not aware of any of these facts, don’t believe them, or simply don’t care,” he said.

Scientists, however, suggest there are numerous health benefits to eating meat that Ryan did not mention in his statements regarding the survey, which are as follows according to Health Line:

  • Reduced appetite and increased metabolism
  • Retention of muscle mass
  • Stronger bones
  • Better iron absorption

Despite how badly the left and those alike would like to throw all logical reasoning out the window when the fraudulent words of climate change are uttered, that will not change the fact that almost all men wont and should not give up meat.

The overwhelming desire to eat meat comes as the mainstream media has repeatedly promoted insect eating as an alternative to meat based protein. Recently, experts claimed that eating bugs as food would become a billion dollar industry, as National File reported.


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