FDA “Stamp of Approval” for Pfizer mRNA “Vaccine”

By Joachim Hagopian (via Global Research)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted its fully stamped official approval for Pfizer as the first Big Pharma manufacturer to receive the greenlight beyond FDA’s previous classification of vaccines’ experimental emergency use only.

Meanwhile, despite Pfizer’s flurried response to come up with a highly profitable special new vaccine to combat the latest delta variant hoax, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is boasting that existing his Pfizer shots with full FDA approval now are sufficient to prevent illness.

Amidst the US government’s frantic scheme to eradicate the widespread vaccine resistance among Americans, bypassing all federal statutory requirements for prior completion of experimental test trial protocol, the Big Pharma “bought and sold” FDA is moving full speed ahead in endorsing a gene based “vaccine” which has a direct impact on the human genome.

The media are happily announcing that the majority of Americans at 51.5% are fully vaccinated (over 170 million Americans).

As an aside, it’s no accident that the most educated/brainwashed states are also the most indoctrinated and compliant – at above 58% jabbed, the northeastern-mid-Atlantic region.

Meanwhile, a new study found that 62% of vaccine recipients experience permanent damage. Former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon has also warned that children will be 50 times more apt to die from so-called vaccines than the so-called virus itself.

Amidst these facts, this stampede rush for FDA approval is a feeble attempt to ward off the avalanche of wrongful death/injury lawsuits against Big Pharma, the World Health Organization, multiple nations, thousands of employers and schools in the coming months and years ahead. The nonstop flow of warnings from medical doctors and virologists continue to be suppressed and ignored by the government and propagandist media.

The major breaking FDA approval story has been co-timed with the release of a new USA Today-Ipsos poll result stating that to “protect the common good,” an overwhelming 72% of the American people are currently in favor of mandated vaccines and mandated face diapers to fight the dreaded phantom delta variant hoax. This too is most assuredly a lie.

Another major news breaking development comes out of the Department of Defense, announcing that all US military personnel must be fully vaccinated by September 15, like it or not, despite one third of American soldiers are still resisting and have filed a lawsuit against the Pentagon. The singular theme in all these late breaking news developments reveals authoritarian clampdown of its medical tyranny, doubling down efforts to commit genocide against the world population.

As a result of the latest news, the rigged Nasdaq stock market indicator jumped to another all-time fake high in trading. Every single one of these news stories is pumping out the cabal’s house of cards reality in desperation to cover-up its  agenda against the human race while crashing the world economy at the same time that massive supply chain shutdowns and delays are in store for the yearend holidays. BlackRock, as the elite’s private shadow bank now possessing more financial clout than the US Federal Reserve, is buying up foreclosed property like there’s no tomorrow.

China’s latest shot across the bow in its hybrid trade war used its lame excuse of just one of its Ningbo-Zhoushan terminal workers diagnosed with Covid-19 (based on a false PCR test result) in order to justify closing the world’s third busiest port. Ominous stories from mainstream media are warning signs of the dire conditions that lay ahead.

One brave individual managed to access a Pfizer contract it has with multiple nations. Violating both ethics and antitrust law, the Pfizer contract explicitly prohibits sale of alternative, safe drugs already proven effective for Covid-19 treatment, like Ivermectin.

The Pfizer’s national contracts are binding, and completely under the drug manufacturer’s dictates. Also, Pfizer is price gouging US consumers at a cost ($19.50) of about a third higher than other nations at only $12 per 250K units. Additionally, these Pfizer contracts are also written to supersede any and all state/provincial laws.

In the meantime, the draconian lockdowns are unfolding in Australia as citizens in some places cannot cross the street where state borders dissect through middle of towns. Exercising outside down under is now limited to just an hour a day.

These insane, extreme restrictions drew thousands of Australians into the streets to protest against the country’s over-the-top tyranny that serves as the transnational crime cabal’s beta test for the rollout to the rest of the world. Another cabal spearhead in the global war against the unvaccinated is taking place in France where as of August 9, all citizens are required to possess vaccine passports to enter many retail stores and public buildings. The rising pressure on the unvaccinated people of the world continues.

Dishonest corporate media in its war of deception designed to instill  fear in order to control our minds is throwing every single manipulated, fake and rigged lie at us so that the citizens are conned into total submission and compliance with the cabal’s genocidal agenda while incrementally usurping our constitutional rights.

This bombardment wave of bad news for humanity comes as CDC numbers are showing that the dreaded delta variant has already peaked, just as Biden is pushing for the third kill shot.

As voters reckon with Biden’s mental unfitness for office on top of his Afghanistan disaster and growing unresolved border crisis, Biden as US president is living on borrowed time. Even the diehard Biden excusers like CNN are turning on the senile imposter president. But also on borrowed time is Biden’s not-so-hidden puppet masters – the criminal elite – as the cold hard truth is rapidly spreading of their genocidal death wish, currently in implementation worldwide against the 90-95% global population.

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