Here’s what to do, if you come into contact with someone who has had the monkey pox jab.

So, here we are, at biological war with each other. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it is what it is, and we must be prepared for each and every outcome.

I recently came into close contact with someone who had the monkeypox jab, and within a couple of hours I had an ulcer appear on the roof of my mouth, increased heart rate, and temperature. I done my best to not panic, as frankly it’s clearly evident there are some people out there which wish direct harm on other people, simply because they lack any kind of control in their own lives.

I think a fair rebuttal would be an extremely large dose of LSD injected right into the left arm, and then to let them stew in their own misery. Yet hey, one can dream, because frankly I don’t have the budget for that or the desire to waste my energy on such malicious endeavours. There’s so many great things in this world to experience, and the above is not something I’m interested in.

Anyway… let’s get to fighting back against a monkeypox attack. This is a method I tried myself, and after a few days of persistence the attack was eased.

Of course, you could just take the monkeypox shot yourself and that will bypass all of this, yet you will also have to accept the fact that you’ve turned yourself into a biological weapon.

So, if you don’t like the idea of turning yourself into a biological weapon but you know you’ve been in contact with someone who has/had monkeypox/jab then this is going to be one of the best options.

You are going to need the following ingredients…

+ Garlic Powder (Natural anti viral)

+ Bromelain (blood thinner) OR ALCOHOL (The aim is to thin the blood so either will do)

+ Effervescent Vitamin C + Zinc (1 Gram vitamin C + 15mg Zinc) Pictured below… this one was something like £1 from Tesco.

Now, the next thing you need to do, is take 3 of the Vitamin C & Zinc tablets and put them in 200ml of water and leave them for five minutes to dissolve.

Next, you’re going to get one heaped teaspoon of garlic powder and make it into a paste with a little water. Once you’ve made the paste, add about 50ml of water so the paste is thin enough to drink. Try not to add too much water, as the more water you have to drink, the longer it’s going to take to get the garlic down your throat, which is honestly an excruciating experience. Yet the good it can do, far outweighs the harm.

TIP: Keep a glass of milk near for when you drink the garlic water. Sip a little milk, and just after. This will help counteract any burning sensation felt from the garlic.

Take 2 Bromelain tablets and place them in front of you.

So now, in front of you, you should have a little glass of garlic powder mixed with water, two Bromelain tablets, and 200ml of Vitamin C + Zinc water.

The one thing you’re going to need the most is the garlic powder, as that’s the most crucial element. So get down you as fast as you can. You can choose to take your Bromelain tablets with the garlic powder or with the vitamin C. That’s totally on you.

Once your stomach has settled, get the Vitamin C drink down you as fast as you can, as this will help boost your white blood cell count and fight of the viral infection… along with the garlic powder. The aim of the Bromelain/alcohol is to make sure your blood is thin enough to help get everything across the body. This will help with effective delivery.

For the first day, I repeated this process 3 times. As the days went on, I listened to my body and took as and when needed. This consisted of, as mentioned before, 3 times a day, down to two times a day. I repeated this process for 5 days, until I felt my body had started to return to normal.

It’s worth mentioning that everyone is different In their physical makeup. If you suffer from a bloated gut, you may want to consider getting something called Lactulose, which will help with digestion. It’s effectively lube, but for the gut. I used to suffer from acid reflux and problematic digestion until I started taking Lactulose, which makes digesting food a lot easier and I don’t have the acid reflux anymore. The reason why this is important, is because you are going to need to digest the garlic, the Bromelain and the Vitamin C so smooth digestion is vital.

Please, if you have anything you would like to add to this, please drop your comments below… the same if you have experienced something similar and tried a different protocol. You might just be able to save some misery.


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