Anne Hathaway is ‘proud’ to invest in vegan egg tech

By Mohsina Dodhiya (via originally published 8th February 2023

Hathaway joins other high-profile investors who have privately backed the innovation with over $230 million in funding.

Anne Hathaway is the latest celebrity to back an alternative protein startup.

The Academy Award-winning actress has invested in The Every Co. which creates egg proteins without using chickens.

It marks her first B2B investment, and she is ‘proud’ to support the company’s vision.

Hathaway joins other high-profile investors who have privately backed the innovation with over $230 million in funding.

“The need to transform our food system has never been clearer or more urgent,” Hathaway said in a statement.

“I’m proud to support this vision of a better future.”

EVERY- Alt-protein industry

EVERY claims to be the creator of the world’s first animal-free pepsin and egg proteins.

The San Francisco-based food company uses a technology that creates protein using microorganism tanks called precision fermentation (PF).

The company brews yeast in a sugar-rich broth that then produces egg proteins that have the same amino acid profile, nutrition, and functionality as traditionally made egg proteins without any animal inputs.

Additionally, the company claims its products are indistinguishable from traditional animal proteins and deliver a similar taste, nutrition, texture, and function.

EVERY’s egg proteins are Vegan Society Certified, and are more eco-friendly since they’re created with significantly less land, water, and greenhouse gas emissions than their traditional counterparts.

According to the company, its ‘proteins are crucial solutions to securing a sustainable protein supply as the global population swells, putting pressure on food systems’.

So far, products from Every have been used in Pressed Juice brand’s green smoothie and Pulp Culture’s adaptogenic hard juice.

The food tech startup has also partnered with artisan shop Chantal Guillon to make the world’s first macarons with vegan egg whites.


Speaking of Hathaway’s involvement, the platform said she came onboard because of her own interest in reducing her impact on the environment by making lifestyle changes, including reducing her consumption of meat and single-use plastics.

She credited ‘EVERY’s impact, technology and nutrition advantages as key drivers in her interest in the company’.

“We are thrilled to partner with visionary investors like Anne to drive forward our plans to reimagine the way we feed and nourish the world,” EVERY CEO Arturo Elizondo said.

“Ultimately, our vision is to deliver animal-free protein to everyone, everywhere—and help set the table for the better food future we all deserve.”

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