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“So your local government, is basically robbing the fuck out of you. Just to let ya’ll know. Love yall.” – Baron Edmond De Rothschild

“Government class 101. DMV and Drivers License. Considering the Federal Reserve is independently owned, and the Federal Government is independently operated, that means that if you license which is considered to be an operators license, you’re allowed to OPERATE, federal equipment, that’s what that means. Technically, considering that you have a free right of travel, which means that you can get in your vehicle and drive to where-ever you want too. But the second the stock market became independently owned, once the stock market became independently owned, that means there’s 4.5 million businesses that now have an owner, and now that you have an owner of all them businesses. Now you’re required to have a drivers license, an operators license, In order to operate my vehicles. An operators license is not for a civilian operating their own personal equipment. That is for people that are, have businesses, like me, that are on the stock market exchange, like I do, and the requirements that I require, in order to drive my vehicles. Okay, so just help ya’ll out a little bit. So, if you’re waiting for that DMV Class, just to get your operators license, it does not mean that you cannot operate you mum or dads vehicle. It means that you’re not, licensed to drive one of my federal vehicles, or one of my businesses that are on the stock market exchange. That’s what that means. So if you have a federal drivers ID, a federal drivers identification card, a federal operating license. If it says federal, on your license, technically that means you can go get into a police car, a cop car, er, any state or, civilian/city and actually get in it and drive it, because technically that license is a federal license (which is independently). So that means anything that is owned by the federal government, that means you are licensed in order to drive it. Just to let you know. There’s a big difference, and that’s er, been erm a big concern, for many years, over a lot of things. The taxes, on vehicles, are supposed to be underneath of self proprietary owned businesses. Businesses that are on stock market exchange. Businesses doing transferred, which is for, material goods, or a concept of money/currency, so technically if you’re a civilian, you were never meant to pay taxes on your vehicle, because that’s the free right of travel. So, technically, erm, if you wanna be all honest, you’re being doubled taxationed. Without representation. Technically what that really means is, you’re being taxed by the federal government, and then you’re being taxed by your local government. Twice. And technically, yeah, it’s not supposed to be like that. So your local government, is basically robbing the fuck out of you. Just to let ya’ll know. Love yall. Share this. Educate some people.”

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook 23.00 (GMT)

“There is no more, of this bullshit. So I’m gonna say this one more time” – Warning from Edmond Rothschild

If you’re planning to riot, I’d bring a firearm. If you’re planning to riot, yes I said it. I would plan to bring a firearm. The United States, military, police department, national guards, have 100%, full authorisation to use live rounds. That means they’re going to be shooting live bullets. Any act against the government with malicious intent will be tried against the United States as a traitor, against the American people. There is no more, of this bullshit. So I’m gonna say this one more time. Do not let, the police department catch you; If the police department catches you, you will be deported from the United States. If you plan to do any action against the United States government, you will no longer be considered a United states citizen. You will be returned back to your home land. Let me make this understood, very clear, this is not a game, this is not a joke. If you attack the police officer’s, the police cars, the police department, any federal business, you will be deported out of the United States. There is no trial, it has already been decided by the federal government. It has already been convicted and found. If you act on a terrorist action, whatsoever against the police department, against the federal government. Against any, of the federal police officers. Or, the National guards. You will be deported out of the United States. And if you say, “Well I live here, I’m a United States citizen”. Guess what? Too bad, you’re gone. There is a plane waiting with a parachute, you will be thrown out of the fucking aeroplane, into South Africa. This ain’t no game, and this ain’t no fucking joke, do not, commit treason or tyranny against the United States people. I’ll say this one more time. If you are caught, destroying ANY police officers, cars, houses, or military structures, whatsoever, you are going to be deported out of the United States. Your citizenship is cancelled, that second. You have no rights in the United States, if you are caught, rioting, and destroying, blowing up buildings, cop cars or others. It’s done. You are over. You are going to be a plane, they are going to put you with the National guard. The National Guard is going to give you a parachute. They’re gonna hook you up to a tether, and they’re going to push you out of an aeroplane. This is not a game, this is not a joke, this is what is happening. Your visa. Your… your everything, regarding the United States is done, don’t get caught, cause when you do get caught that is what is going to happen. Just to let you know.”

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook 17th April 04.57 (GMT)

Just to let your know, if you were rioting you’re gonna be charged as a terrorist against the United States Government. They already have your parachutes waiting. Don’t think you got away with it. If you were recoding it, if you posted it on social media. The intelligence, Homeland Security, is pulling up all SMI numbers, they are pulling up all accounts, they are tracing it back to your property, back to your residence, back to your house, do not worry there will be a swat team showing up to shortly to pick you up, to escort you to your residence. And I hope er, you like er, a nice green fitted outfit, that comes perfectly with, equipped with a cord, you just pull it, but you don’t have to worry about pulling this cord, cause it attaches to a lanyard on a aeroplane. If they catch you, they’re going to throw you out of a aeroplane over the top of country that you came from. I’m telling you right now and right this second. If you were rioting, if you blew up a cop car, if you were involved in any shape form of way, you are being deported. This ain’t no game, and this ain’t no joke, so just to let you know, this is what is happening, RIGHT NOW. You’re gone, do not destroy my police departments, do not destroy federal buildings, do not attack my military – specially when they’re at home. Now I’m gonna tell you right this second. You’re gonna get into a lot more shit than what you think you’re gonna get into, right this second. It’s the individual that are attacking the government, which are being seeked out, which are the military, will be showing up at your house. The National Guards will be showing up at your house, not even the SWAT team, the NATIONAL GUARDS is showng up at your house. If you’ve posted anything on the media about burning a cop car, terrorising the neighbourhood, er catching a building on fire, burning down the police department. I’m gonna tell you one more time, you are already listed as a terrorist to the United States people. They are coming to pick you up right now as we speak. You are being kicked out of the United States. Y’all have a great and wonderful night. Because this shit is being resolved. NOW!

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook 17th April 05.32 (GMT)

Edmond Rothschild: “Who runs your government”? “Who is Madame president that is in congress right this second, running it”?

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In this Live Feed dated 27th April at approx 2am Baron goes on to question what work elected officials in the US actually do? Which in all fairness, what is it they actually do? He goes on to say:

I’d dearly like to know the answer to this question. Who runs your government? You vote for a president, right? Your president is supposed to be the president of congress, that’s supposed to be the person that runs it. How many times have you seen your president in congress, working? How many times have you seen your president In congress working? You have voted for your president, either Donald trump, or you voted for Joe Biden, to be president of congress. Imma say this one more time. You voted for a president to run congress… how many times have you seen your president in congress performing their jobs? Can you please answer this question? Other than giving a speech, other than giving a speech or the union address. Tell me how many times you have seen your president inside of congress signing laws or settling debates between the democrats and republicans. Can you please tell me how many times you have seen your president? You’re right, you have never seen em, you have never seen your president in congress. In the time that you’ve been alive, you have never seen your president in congress. Nope. Not once. Not one time have you seen em in there other than to give a speech. Not to go over the laws. Not to go over the mandates. Not to go over what’s on the books. Not to go what’s over on the business projects, or what’s going on inside the government. Not going over the books on the union hall, and union hall representatives. Not to go over top the businesses or projects being developed or engineered or constructed with inside of the government, that has to have the contracts in order to do the job necessary. So again, when was the last time you seen your president in congress performing his job? Never. You have never seen your president, of the United States, or for that matter, 90% of the presidents in the world. In. the. world! How many of them presidents have you seen sit down with their congress, and discuss jobs? Discuss projects with their union, with their workforce? Can anybody please answer me this question? You don’t. Not one of them. When something comes up, when it is delegated, to the House of Representatives and to congress. Not as a representative of you, but as a representative of me? So when you click on your little thing real quick, go look at Madame president that sits in congress right now, she’s not their on your behalf, she’s there on the federal reserves behalf, of 4.5 million businesses. Again, you don’t even know how the fuck your country runs. Well I might just come on up there and run it for you, because apparently that’s what the fuck needs to be done. Because you ain’t got no back bone, you ain’t got no balls to kick anybody out of the country. You don’t have any balls to run a fucking country completely or correctly. You don’t know how to perform your job because you don’t know how to be delegated, because you’ve never been delegated, you’ve never had anybody stand up for you, you’ve never had nobody on your side, you’ve never had shit! What have you had? You’ve had contracts. You had bills written out. That’s what you’ve had. You want somebody to speak up for you the people? You want things to be ran as a kingdom for you? You want you to be taken care of as far as your assets, as far as your jobs, as far as your unions, as far as the United States economy… then you ask me. Cause they’re my businesses, that I have 97% of all assets. So if you’d like to know again how this world works, you just come right on over here and I’ll be more than happy to tell you, because apparently nobody knows how to do their…

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook

In this Live Feed dated 27th April at approx 1am Baron goes on to talk about who is in control in the United States. I’ve done my best to compile a transcript:

“I’m gonna leave a link above, but I know for a fact, when you voted, you voted for who is going to run congress. Who is going to be the president of congress. So you got to vote for president Joe Biden, or you got to vote for president Donald Trump. Who is Madame president that is in congress right this second, running it? That’s making decisions and laws which inside of the government that has no authority inside or on that chair. I like to know this question. Can anybody answer this question? Because you elected an official to perform a job. That is to be the head of congress. Nowwww, again if you voted for Donald trump and supposedly the election got stolen, by Joe Biden, who is Madame president sitting in congress in the position of Joe Biden? Because she’s not an elected official. In other words, your country has still been taken over, and they’re still playing a masquerade game with you, have you not understood this yet people? Your country was taken over, and they’re masquerading a game, but yet you’re not gonna do nothing about it. It’s sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. See this is why I won’t give the United States any money.

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook