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Meet The Billionaire Who “Finally Understood Bitcoin” After Tripping On Magic Mushrooms

BY TYLER DURDEN (via Zero Hedge)

Christian Angermayer built his portfolio the old fashioned way: by taking psychedelics and buying bitcoin.

That’s the actual story of the 42 year old German billionaire that was highlighted by Bloomberg on Thursday. He literally “rode the wave” of every big fad over the last 12 months – including bitcoin and SPACs – and made a fortune in the process.

His family office is called Apeiron Investment Group and has been the lead investor in 7 companies that have gone public in the last year, raising more than $1 billion combined. He has 10 more companies slated to IPO this year.

Angermayer took his first trip on psychedelics in 2015 before investing in companies that are in the space. A conversation with a neuroscientist at a dinner party is what turned him on to the idea of magic mushrooms, despite the fact that he doesn’t drink alcohol. “It was the single most meaningful thing I’ve ever done in my whole life, nothing really comes close,” he said of his first trip, which took place in the Caribbean.

After the trip, he claimed he “finally understood bitcoin”. From there, it became a feedback loop of investing in the things he was passionate about while riding the crypto wave that has swollen over the last half decade. 

On his investing style, he said: “I just invest in what I’m very curious and passionate about,” he told Bloomberg. The report calls him the “German version of Chamath Palihapitiya”. 

But he doesn’t have as big of a presence on social media as Chamath. This hasn’t stopped him from cultivating serious relationships with influential investors like SoftBank and Peter Thiel. 

Bitcoin bull Mike Novogratz said of Angermayer: “He’s probably the best networker I’ve ever met. He’s built this amazing network of people who like and have learned to trust him because he’s made them money. As a capital raiser, he’s awesome.”

Angermayer’s office, based in Malta, “helped China’s HNA Group purchase 9.9% of Deutsche Bank AG stock in 2017′ and received a finder’s fee of $15.6 million for introducing executives at SoftBank and the now-defunct Wirecard.

Apeiron has $2.5 billion in assets, half of which are Angermayer’s. The fund “has averaged an annual internal return of more than 50% over the past decade”, according to Bloomberg. The portfolio is full of companies like AbCellera Biologics, which has developed an antibody drug for Covid and Compass Pathways, a psilocybin-focused depression treatment company that we highlighted shortly after it went public. 

He has also produced or executive produced 21 different movies, the report notes. Thiel said of him that his curiosity “allows him to recognize trends very early or invent and create an entire sector himself.”

Benedikt Franke, CEO of the Munich Security Conference said of him: “He is an investor who has fully understood the importance of geopolitics for long-term strategy.”

Angermayer added: “I understand politicians better than investors. One reason I’m very happy is I’m very honest with myself. I want everybody to like me.”

When asked what type of hedging he uses, Angermayer responded: “None”.

BTC miners stopped selling. Anything more bullish than this?

By resiliencia (via Publish0x)


I was reading CT (Crypto Twitter) and a lot of accounts were commenting the image below. It is a chart from Glassnode that shows the net position change of Bitcoin miners. It basically shows how hard they are selling their Bitcoin.

I find this chart quite relevant, miners have a big part to say about the price evolution of Bitcoin. They hold large quantities of the digital gold, and if they are selling in large quantities there’s a good chance this means that they are anticipating a crash.



It aso means that when they are hodling strong, they anticipate a spike in the price. You can see the evidence of this if you take a look at the 2 green zones in the chart. Specially if you look at what happened with the price, weeks after they start hodling. (HINT: It spiked hardly)

Well, we are now at following the exact same pattern as 1st of March, so I expect the same results.
Judge by yourself.

Bitcoin supply on exchanges

This is another interesting metric to anticipate the future price for Bitcoin.
I usually take a look at this trend, and I’ve found a couple of charts that show the same:

BTC supply in exchanges is dropping fast



Look at the decrease in february and yesterday. Everytime Bitcoin dips there is a lot of buying pressure that takes coins from the exchanges. It means that there is a lot of interest in Bitcoin, they are buying hard every dip. My guess is that there are institutions buying hard this dips, they take a lot of coins from the exchanges in a short period of time. I don’t thing this large drops are mainly caused by retail investors, it should be large institutions behind.

Exciting times ahead! This bull market will be fun.

Enjoy! 😊


By Hakuna Matata (via Publish Ox)

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What crypto will look like with Bitcoin at $100,000.

By Dzoelx (via Publish Ox)

It’s no news that you can now buy a bar of gold with 1BTC and still have a good balance left. Personally, I can’t think of a good reason to buy gold with bitcoin currently. The ‘precious metal’ has been around for a long as man can remember and as long as luxury climbed the scale of human societal needs. But in essence, it hasn’t contributed more than this to the overall fate of the society.

In a space of months, bitcoin has tumbled over its value to exceed the $60,000 mark and record a price we only dreamt of few years ago. The rise to prominence of bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been dramatic. Filled with optimistic and pessimistic events, this space has lived through bullish and bearish waves. Each time, it has created new believers, many have freaked out too. These periods are also characterized by relatively different human behaviors. The free market is actually an interplay between events and human behavior.

Bearish periods breed true believers and optimists. Most crypto enthusiasts are here ‘for the money’, but only few are ready to play the long game. Bearish periods breed this set of enthusiasts. Pessimists are quick to jump the boat, especially if they already made any profit at all. Optimists ride the waves, pessimists jump the ship, the bear market reveals who stayed and who freaked out…lol.



As things get better and the market looks more rewarding, there is an influx of people who hope to tap from the flowing market. New enthusiasts who got really impressed by the good news from the formerly ‘less-profitable’ market, pessimists who left the space when the storm rocked the sea; these two set of people make up majority of the new believers.

Bitcoin at $5,000 didn’t look as attractive as bitcoin at $25,000. You’d expect more investors to hit the market at the former price, but the later price actually attracts more investors, a very surprising phenomenon! Well, humans are weird. At $30,000, the number of institutions and individual investors seeking to invest in cryptocurrency grew tangibly. Tesla bought about $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin at about $35,000 each. For a firm as brilliant as Tesla, you’d expect them to invest earlier than when they did, but just as said earlier, a very surprising phenomenon.

With more growth comes even more craving, the bull market is unarguably shaping the crypto space. As the value rises, so does the interest and also emerging human reaction. $58, 000 was a dramatic one as bitcoin drew levels with gold. Early gold investors who never believed in bitcoin will have to sell a complete bar of gold (and more) for a full bitcoin. Should be infuriating, for them.

Continuing on its run, bitcoin grew past this point and is poised to go even further. Influencers teased the $100,000 per bitcoin price over the years. More than ever, we are close to reaching this dream point. But what comes after we get there? Only few have actually given this a reasonable amount of thought. How will the crypto space react to $100,000 per bitcoin?


If the $100,000 dream actualizes, then it’s high time we gave up the thought of bitcoin dominance going below 50%. Bitcoin controls over 60% of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization. With over $1 trillion invested in bitcoin, it is the ‘alpha cryptocurrency’, nothing comes even close. Even ethereum is about eight times lesser than bitcoin in total market capitalization. The $100,000 price will even widen this more and push bitcoin higher in the peak position which it already occupies. It will probably remain at this top as long as cryptocurrency stays relevant.

We once hoped for $100,000, influencers predicted when this will come. Once this is attained, next move will be to hope for even more. Influencers will have to switch to an even bigger figure. $1 million per bitcoin, or $200,000 per bitcoin. One is ‘aggressive’ the other is ‘conservative’, it is up to you to decide which one. If the $100,000 target is hit, then we’d have to expect more ‘MacAfee-like’ predictions.

When bitcoin hikes in price, a usual trend is altcoins losing their values for a while and picking up when bitcoin settles down. This have been the usual dynamics for a while. However, if bitcoin should hit the $100,000 dollar mark, this trend could see some changes. Altcoins might join the party in an unusual fashion. The probability of altcoins blazing through alongside bitcoin is high. This is due to the influx of buyers who would flock the market to buy ‘the new bitcoin’ and not bitcoin itself. Altcoins will rally due to the quest for a project poised to bring more gains.

Square capital bought bitcoin below $20,000, Tesla bought bitcoin below $40, 000 but way above $20,000. Bitcoin’s success as regards price draws the attention of institutions more than a price crash. When bitcoin sells around $100,000; we’ll unarguably see an explosion in institutional interests. Private and public offices will want to get a bite. “if $100,000 was possible, then $1 million isn’t far-fetched”…lol


Greed, fear of missing out and propaganda; the crypto space is poised to welcome each of these in full force if bitcoin hits $100,000. While they have always been normal attitudes in the crypto space, such growth will fuel this even more.

It is uncertain how the cryptocurrency communities will react to bitcoin at $100,000 and other events which will follow them, but the above prediction won’t be far from correct. Over to you, what will crypto look like with bitcoin at $100,000?

The Top Four Tips for Cryptocurrency Investing

By Austin Reihl (via Publish Ox)

Trading or investing in any financial market can be a profitable but also dangerous endeavor. It requires knowledge, skills, and experience no matter the market traders are employing.

Of course, gaining experience often comes with taking (sometimes) significant losses. However, it is an advantageous position to be in where one can learn from the experience of a trader with a long history in the field to avoid making these same mistakes themselves.

1. Diversification Is Key

The topic of diversification – otherwise known as the not putting all of your eggs in one basket strategy is a tried-and-tested method to minimize risk when it comes down to any investment strategy method.

Putting all of your funds into one (or very few) assets might be devastating in case the price takes a critical hit. In an event like this, the entire portfolio will suffer, and many traders find themselves in a position where they are unable to recover from such a blow.

Diversification means spreading the risk between numerous assets. It can be dangerous if you neglect to diversify. Even if you believe in Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto as a whole, it is perceived to be a generally unnecessary risk to put all of your wealth only in one asset class.

Diversify your finances accordingly and make sure not to spread yourself too thin, either.

2. DYOR = Do Your Own Research

DYOR is short for do your own research.

The cryptocurrency field is considerably young. While the stock market has existed for over a century, digital assets emerged with BTC’s creation in 2009 and are yet to see mass adoption, despite the 2017 initial coin offering (ICO) boom.

As such, many experienced professionals and casual speculators in the field will experience significant growth in the upcoming years, and investors should do comprehensive research to find the most profitable projects.

These are projects run by companies likely to become the next Amazon or Google 20 years from now – investors have to be more patient now than ever and selective to make sure they are getting involved in the projects with staying power.

3. Buy The Dips (Or Buy When Everyone Else Is Selling)

There is a famous saying in the investment field that advises people to buy low and sell high. To buy an asset low (a cryptocurrency, in this context) means to purchase it while the price is depreciating and not the other way around, which is typically what the majority does.

Yet, it is not as simple as it sounds. Human nature and emotions are susceptible to panic – this urges investors to sell their assets when prices are plunging before they buy back in due to FOMO (fear of missing out) when the prices are once again skyrocketing.

Accumulating Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), or any other asset class that you as an investor believe in while the prices are dropping is vital for long-term success.

Finally, after a bubble pops in the cryptocurrency markets (like in 2018, for example, or the Coronavirus crash last March) and prices are severely below the trending average – I accumulate as many of my favorite coins and tokens as I can for staking and cold storage.

Tuck it away, and forget about the price.

4. Risk Management – Almost No One Gets Rich Quickly

Risk management is the most important thing. Many traders get caught up, and most of them lose money because they do not think about the risk – they only think about ways to get rich quickly.

Thus, to accomplish better risk management, investors should also employ a famous narrative – to invest using funds they can afford to lose. Consequently, if the price plunges, it would not disrupt your investment plans or trading strategy and cause you to panic sell while taking a massive loss.

And finally, you might ask yourself:

Which cryptocurrencies have a greater chance of breaking their prior all-time-highs or setting the greatest new one?