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Life and its lessons

Well, it’s been a funny old few months for me it has. Ya know, I’ve always known about the strange nature of humans since a kid, but really, these last few months have topped the situation right off.

It’s said that writing blogs, you have to try and put everything into context at the start, and frankly i don’t know how too, as there’s so much context to add; and In a way, I kind of don’t want to add context, as I’m happy just letting people assume what they like, therefore creating their own little false reality. I’m finding life is much nicer that way, rather than putting my own truth in their firing line. Yet there’s this burgeoning issue that is starting to arise, and that’s the constant barrage of shady looks, back stabbing attitudes and fake smiles. Which in all fairness, isn’t really bothering me to the point where it’s causing me distress, it’s more bothering to me in the sense that people are exactly what I always knew them to be… a little bit simple.

A mean, I can add some context to my current situation, which is currently homeless and living on the streets. I become homeless because I was living in accommodation that was not registered in my name, which became a problem when my work hours were dropped and I was not able to afford the rent. This lead me to being asked to leave two weeks ago. After leaving I jumped on Grindr and found myself some company with a half decent European hairdresser. Which was quite nice in all fairness, as I had some decent sex, got introduced to new drug called “Tina” and left the situation feeling prepared to move forward.

See, Tina is great and everything, but I don’t think I was prepared for the fact that it kept me up for 5 days without any sleep, until eventually I ended up at a bus stop and basically passed out. A mean, I think it’s all quite funny, and I impressed myself that I lasted that long. Yet, during this five day journey I found myself in London, Birmingham, Northampton and various other random places… Because one thing I’ve noticed about being homeless is the fact that you do have to keep on moving, because a shop doorway is not your home. It’s not where you belong.

So that’s why I went to London, because there’s some 8+ million people living there, and various amounts of people coming in from all over the country daily. There’s something quite comforting about that there is… being lost in the masses. Yet weirdly enough, it didn’t feel like I was lost in the masses, as there was a lot of familiarity there, and it was again quite comforting. See, it doesn’t matter where you go in the country, you’ll find a Wetherspoons where ya can get unlimited coffee for the day, and make yourself at home. I think I’ve been to a fair few different Wetherspoons now, and they are all very different in their own little ways. Yet, the similarities is the fact that they attract middle aged men, and their packs, they like to travel in groups I’ve found… I think it might be a comfort thing.

Now the one I visited in London was quite unique as it seemed to be full of barristers and solicitors. Then there’s me coming in after not sleeping for I think it was four days, looking rough as shit, and definitely looking worthy for the title of “crack head of the year”. Yet I got my coffee, I sat down, and made myself comfortable. There was a nice row of seats at the back, with a charging point nearby, which is pretty essential when ya don’t have anywhere to stay at night.

Now see, it was in this pub that I realized who I am, and what I’ve been up to, has rippled across this nation because there’s this dead giveaway sign… and that’s the way that people like to tap things when I’m around. They like to purposefully take things away from me, ya know, just to prove a point, that they have this innate ability and power to be able to do so.

I know the reasons for this, and it’s okay, because the balance must be restored. It’s just a shame that everyone is a bit too lost to understand how the balance works, and what the driving forces are behind this. See the thing is, is that suffering is an essential part of being alive, its an energetic expression. Yet as humans, we’ve lost touch with this knowledge, and we just let the energy run rampant, and don’t protect the people that are projected to be on such a path. because the information is there, it’s available to us. Yet, I’m sure you’re starting to learn, some people, based on genetics, are not worthy of such protection so they’re just left to suffer in their own little way.

Anyway, my time is up on the library computer so I will just accept the ramblings I’ve put across and go and get on with my day.


Projecting Our Fears and Desires: Understanding the Role of Projection in Personal Growth

Projection is a concept in psychology that refers to the unconscious act of attributing one’s own thoughts, feelings, and desires to someone else. It can involve both positive and negative emotions and is often used as a defense mechanism to protect one’s self-esteem or to avoid dealing with uncomfortable feelings.

When we project our fears and desires onto others, we are essentially creating an externalized version of our internal landscape. This can be a helpful tool for personal growth if we are able to recognize and understand our projections, but it can also be a destructive force if we remain unaware of them.

Understanding the role of projection in personal growth starts with recognizing when we are projecting. This can be difficult because projections are often automatic and unconscious, but there are some signs to look for. For example, if we find ourselves consistently attributing certain traits to others, especially negative traits, it may be a sign that we are projecting our own fears or insecurities onto them.

Once we recognize that we are projecting, the next step is to explore the underlying emotions that are driving the projection. This can involve taking a step back and reflecting on our own thoughts and feelings, and being honest with ourselves about what we are really feeling.

For example, if we find ourselves projecting anger onto someone else, it may be helpful to ask ourselves why we are feeling angry in the first place. Is it because of something the other person did, or is it because we are feeling frustrated or powerless in some other aspect of our lives?

By exploring the emotions that are driving our projections, we can start to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our own inner landscape. This self-awareness is an essential component of personal growth because it allows us to identify areas where we may be stuck or struggling and to take steps to address those issues.

Another important aspect of understanding the role of projection in personal growth is recognizing that projections are not always negative. We can also project our positive qualities onto others, such as kindness or intelligence. In these cases, projections can be helpful because they allow us to see the good in others and to aspire to those qualities ourselves.

However, it is important to remember that these positive projections can also be a reflection of our own desires and aspirations. If we are projecting our own qualities onto others, it may be a sign that we are not fully owning those qualities ourselves.

Overall, understanding the role of projection in personal growth requires a willingness to be honest with ourselves about our own thoughts and feelings, and to recognize when we are projecting those feelings onto others. By gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves and our projections, we can start to take steps to address the underlying issues and to grow as individuals.

In conclusion, projecting our fears and desires onto others is a natural part of the human experience, but it can also be a powerful tool for personal growth. By recognizing our projections, exploring the underlying emotions, and owning our own qualities, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and work towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.