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Edmond Rothschild: “Who runs your government”? “Who is Madame president that is in congress right this second, running it”?

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In this Live Feed dated 27th April at approx 2am Baron goes on to question what work elected officials in the US actually do? Which in all fairness, what is it they actually do? He goes on to say:

I’d dearly like to know the answer to this question. Who runs your government? You vote for a president, right? Your president is supposed to be the president of congress, that’s supposed to be the person that runs it. How many times have you seen your president in congress, working? How many times have you seen your president In congress working? You have voted for your president, either Donald trump, or you voted for Joe Biden, to be president of congress. Imma say this one more time. You voted for a president to run congress… how many times have you seen your president in congress performing their jobs? Can you please answer this question? Other than giving a speech, other than giving a speech or the union address. Tell me how many times you have seen your president inside of congress signing laws or settling debates between the democrats and republicans. Can you please tell me how many times you have seen your president? You’re right, you have never seen em, you have never seen your president in congress. In the time that you’ve been alive, you have never seen your president in congress. Nope. Not once. Not one time have you seen em in there other than to give a speech. Not to go over the laws. Not to go over the mandates. Not to go over what’s on the books. Not to go what’s over on the business projects, or what’s going on inside the government. Not going over the books on the union hall, and union hall representatives. Not to go over top the businesses or projects being developed or engineered or constructed with inside of the government, that has to have the contracts in order to do the job necessary. So again, when was the last time you seen your president in congress performing his job? Never. You have never seen your president, of the United States, or for that matter, 90% of the presidents in the world. In. the. world! How many of them presidents have you seen sit down with their congress, and discuss jobs? Discuss projects with their union, with their workforce? Can anybody please answer me this question? You don’t. Not one of them. When something comes up, when it is delegated, to the House of Representatives and to congress. Not as a representative of you, but as a representative of me? So when you click on your little thing real quick, go look at Madame president that sits in congress right now, she’s not their on your behalf, she’s there on the federal reserves behalf, of 4.5 million businesses. Again, you don’t even know how the fuck your country runs. Well I might just come on up there and run it for you, because apparently that’s what the fuck needs to be done. Because you ain’t got no back bone, you ain’t got no balls to kick anybody out of the country. You don’t have any balls to run a fucking country completely or correctly. You don’t know how to perform your job because you don’t know how to be delegated, because you’ve never been delegated, you’ve never had anybody stand up for you, you’ve never had nobody on your side, you’ve never had shit! What have you had? You’ve had contracts. You had bills written out. That’s what you’ve had. You want somebody to speak up for you the people? You want things to be ran as a kingdom for you? You want you to be taken care of as far as your assets, as far as your jobs, as far as your unions, as far as the United States economy… then you ask me. Cause they’re my businesses, that I have 97% of all assets. So if you’d like to know again how this world works, you just come right on over here and I’ll be more than happy to tell you, because apparently nobody knows how to do their…

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook

In this Live Feed dated 27th April at approx 1am Baron goes on to talk about who is in control in the United States. I’ve done my best to compile a transcript:

“I’m gonna leave a link above, but I know for a fact, when you voted, you voted for who is going to run congress. Who is going to be the president of congress. So you got to vote for president Joe Biden, or you got to vote for president Donald Trump. Who is Madame president that is in congress right this second, running it? That’s making decisions and laws which inside of the government that has no authority inside or on that chair. I like to know this question. Can anybody answer this question? Because you elected an official to perform a job. That is to be the head of congress. Nowwww, again if you voted for Donald trump and supposedly the election got stolen, by Joe Biden, who is Madame president sitting in congress in the position of Joe Biden? Because she’s not an elected official. In other words, your country has still been taken over, and they’re still playing a masquerade game with you, have you not understood this yet people? Your country was taken over, and they’re masquerading a game, but yet you’re not gonna do nothing about it. It’s sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. See this is why I won’t give the United States any money.

Baron Edmond De Rothschild – Facebook

British Government Shocking Report on Side Effects of Corona Vaccines: Strokes, Blindness, Miscarriages

A report from the UK Medicines Agency reveals more side effects from the Corona vaccinations

By Great Reject

In total, more than 30,000 vaccinees reported more than 100,000 adverse reactions to the vaccine by the end of January. Most notable are 13 people who went blind after the vaccination, eight miscarriages and a total of 236 fatal cases, Epoch Times reports.

The list of side effects and adverse reactions to Corona vaccinations is getting longer. A report by the UK’s Medicines Regulatory Agency (MHRA, a body that licenses and oversees medicines in the UK, similar to the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany) now adds blindness and miscarriages to already known reactions to vaccines, such as pain, facial paralysis and blood disorders. The report was updated on February 11 to include reports of suspected adverse reactions from the start of the vaccination campaign on December 9 through the end of January.

Officials say that “more than 110,000 people in the UK have died within 28 days of a positive coronal test.” By comparison, about four million people tested positive, while overseas colonies (including Gibraltar, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda) contributed a few thousand cases. This results in a mortality rate of about 2.5 percent, which is roughly equivalent to the mortality rate of a regular flu.

More side effects at AstraZeneca Vaxzevria

As with VAERS in the U.S., Britons can report suspected adverse reactions and adverse events to vaccines in what is known as the “yellow card scheme” and give a drug a “yellow card.” According to the government report, by the end of January, 9,262,367 people had received one vaccination and 494,206 people had already received two. During the same period, a total of 32,139 yellow cards were collected, with more than 100,000 individual responses. The first notifications date back to December 9, the first day of vaccinations.

About two-thirds of the notifications and nearly 60,000 individual responses in the yellow card scheme relate to Pfizer/BioNTech‘s vaccine. With the exception of 72 cases in which the manufacturer was not specified, the rest fall to AstraZeneca. Although the Moderna vaccine has also been licensed in the UK since January 8, it is not mentioned in the government report.

The distribution of reports across vaccines roughly reflects the vaccines administered. However, it is notable that a report on AstraZeneca contains an average of four separate responses, while for Pfizer/BioNTech there are “only” about 2.5 responses on each yellow card. As “dailyexpose.co.uk” calculates, this means that about one in 333 vaccinees reported side effects or adverse reactions. In reality, however, there could be even more cases “as some may not have been reported under the yellow card scheme.”

That AstraZeneca also causes side effects in Germany was also recently experienced by the emergency department in the district of Minden-Lübbecke. After employees took advantage of a short-term vaccination offer from AstraZeneca – the vaccine is not approved for people over 65 – several employees reported sick. “As a result, the emergency services were not optimally staffed,” district spokesman Florian Hemann told the “Westfalen-Blatt” at the time. Neighboring rescue stations and the DRK assisted.

The “yellow card” regulation includes, in addition to the side effects and reactions already known from the vaccine studies of the manufacturers, even more.

Side effects of Corona vaccines

1. Optical Impairment and Blindness

In total, the reports included 1,280 eye conditions. “Optical impairment and blindness (other than color blindness)” occurred in 53 reports on Pfizer/BioNTech [ed. note: see page 8], as well as 26 yellow cards for AstraZeneca [page 6] and one report without naming the vaccine [page 4]. In thirteen cases (5 Pfizer, 8 AstraZeneca) the report speaks of (complete) blindness after vaccination.

2. Cerebrovascular accidents (stroke)

In 43 cases (Pfizer/BioNTech 32 [page 31], AstraZeneca 11 [page 24]), affected individuals (or their next of kin) have reported cerebrovascular accidents following vaccination by Pfizer. The sudden death of brain cells from lack of oxygen due to an interruption in blood supply caused by a blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain is also known as a stroke. In seven cases – 3 after vaccination by Pfizer/BioNTech, 4 after vaccination by AstraZeneca – this ended fatally.

3. Abortion and miscarriage

Because of insufficient data, neither Pfizer/BioNTech nor AstraZeneca and Moderna approved their vaccines for pregnant women. What effects mRNA vaccination has on fertility or on nursing mothers is also unknown, they said. For its part, the British government announced before the vaccination campaign began that “pregnancy should be excluded in women of childbearing age before vaccination [and] pregnancy should be avoided for at least two months after the second dose.”

Yet the yellow card regulation lists eight [page 36] suspected pregnancy-related cases for Pfizer/BioNTech, and nine [page 28] for AstraZeneca. About half of these involve “spontaneous abortions” or miscarriages. In two cases, premature deliveries or premature rupture of the amniotic sac occurred after vaccination with AstraZeneca.

4. Facial paralysis

There have also been 107 facial nerve disorders reported after Pfizer/BioNTech vaccinations, including paralysis, paresis and spasm. Following vaccinations by AstraZeneca, 17 reports have been received so far. Paralysis in other parts of the body occurred in at least 21 cases (Pfizer 15, AstraZeneca 5, unattributed 1). In most cases, the paralysis symptoms had disappeared after a few days.

5. Deceased

Deaths have also been reported in the UK in the time sequence of vaccinations. The reports included a total of 236 cases with fatalities. Of these, 141 are explicitly listed as “deaths”; all other cases mention another fatal side effect. 76 cases relate to Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine [p. 13], 64 cases to AstraZeneca [p. 10]. One case is not attributed to the vaccine [p. 6].

Particularly notable among the deaths are 15 cases of “sudden death” (nine at Pfizer/BioNTech, six at AstraZeneca), who according to “dailyexpose” “dropped dead immediately after vaccination.”

Interim assessment by the UK government agency

In light of these figures, the MHRA states, “A large proportion of those vaccinated to date as part of the vaccination campaign are very elderly and many of them will also have pre-existing conditions.” The agency therefore concludes that both vaccines raise “no other new safety concerns.” All vaccines and drugs have “certain side effects,” but in the case of the Corona vaccines, these are “consistent with expectations from clinical trials.” It goes on to say:

Following a very extensive exposure of the UK population, no new safety concerns have emerged from the reports received to date, and for the cases of other diseases reported in a temporal association with vaccination, the available evidence does not currently indicate that the vaccine caused the event.”

In contrast, the definition of a “coronadode” which means that someone in the UK “definitely died from COVID-19” applies for up to 28 days after a positive test result. That period is about 10 to 14 days longer than it takes for someone who has tested positive to be officially counted as recovered.

Is Boris Johnson Set to Announce the ID2020 Plan?

Via Truth Talk

Vaccine passports could be about to become a reality as trials get underway to allow mass events to take place again and as countries begin to lift coronavirus lockdowns, biometric identification is coming in to help verify those who have already had the infection, carried out a recent test or had a vaccine.

Any “Covid passport” scheme to prove people in England are safe to attend mass-audience events would be “time-limited”, the government has said, and the Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said the trials would be a “learning experience” and that no decisions have yet been made about processes or vaccine certification. Meanwhile in Scotland, Sturgeon says vaccine passports could be trialled soon.

In an article posted in April of 2020.

Biometric IDs can be ‘gamechanger’ in coronavirus antibody tests, vaccineAs countries begin to lift coronavirus lockdowns, biometric identification can help verify those who have already had the infection, and ensure that the vulnerable get the vaccine when it is launched, health and technology experts said.

It states that the “new biometric ID systems can keep a record of such people and those getting the vaccine”, said Larry Dohrs, Southeast Asia head at iRespond, a Seattle-based non-profit that launched its technology last year for this purpose. “We can biometrically identify the individual and tie them to the test results, as well as to a high security documents. The person then has ‘non-refutable’ proof that they have immunity due to antibodies in their system,” he said.

Governments around the world are now saying that Biometric IDs could be ‘gamechanger’ for tests, vaccines, and it’s the only way for us to come out of lockdowns. These digital identity systems have already been used in many countries before, linking biometric data such as fingerprints and iris scans to a unique digital codes, allowing for remote identification. See India Aaadhar and China.

It’s interesting because iRespond’s partners include the usual suspects, Microsoft, ID2020 and the John Hopkins University School for Public Health. iRespond worked with the ID2020 Alliance which is a public-private partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. In September 2015, the United Nations adopted the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which stressed its commitment to “provide legal identity for all, including birth registration” by 2030.

The mission of the ID2020 alliance is “Accelerating technology to ensure that everyone in need has access to a unique digital identity as part of their basic human right.” And they plan to provide a digital ID for everyone on an international scale.

According to their site, “A unique convergence of trends provides an unprecedented opportunity to make a coordinated, concerted push to provide digital ID to everyone,” During the 2019 summit, ID2020 announced its latest program “Recognizing the opportunity for immunization to serve as a platform for digital identity, this program leverages existing vaccination and birth registration operations to offer new-born’s a persistent and portable biometrically-linked digital identity.”

When you read further, these ‘trends’ include rising global connectivity, emerging technologies such as blockchain and biometrics and a global call for a “New model of ID.”

iRespond also worked with ID2020 on a decentralised digital identity project for refugees in Thailand and they also carried out a similar project for vaccinating against HPV in Sierra Leone again linking to digital ID’s. iRespond’s technology connected four major hospitals, enabling them to share anonymous vaccination data across a centralised digital health network.

Now, firms such as iRespond and Simprints, a UK-based non-profit that develops biometric IDs for health and humanitarian use are adapting their technology for the next steps. Many biometric systems are based on fingerprints, which can be a transmission risk for the coronavirus, so Simprints is developing a “touchless” technology that scans the face or the palm, said chief executive Toby Norman.

It noted specifically that “the pilot will offer blockchain-based digital identification, linked to individual users through iris recognition, for refugees accessing the IRC’s services in the Mae La Camp in Thailand.” Having a “digital identity” would allow refugees “to access improved, consistent healthcare within the camp” with plans for the same system to eventually “electronically document both educational attainment and professional skills to aid with employment opportunities.”

It was revealed to be just the first step in an effort that aims to equip the projects entire refugee population with secure and portable “digital wallets” that will hold not just their medical records but also their educational and vocational credentials, camp work histories and myriad other records,” ostensibly including financial activity.

This is particularly likely given that iRespond also partnered with Mastercard, another ID2020 partner that is closely allied with the company, Trust Stamp, a biometric identity platform that also doubles as a vaccine record and payment system. Everest who works with ID2020 and defines itself as a “decentralized platform incorporating a massively scalable payment solution, Everchain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet, and a native biometric identity system, EverID. Everest delivers a complete solution for a ‘new economy.’”

Were these pilot project pre cursers to the digital identity systems now rolling out across the world, the same companies involved in the pilots are the same ones now being used to roll out Vaccine Passports.

Indeed, the plan could very well be to link our biometric data with face recognition cameras and Digital ID which will contain an abundance of data, right now our health and vaccine data, but that platform could be easily extended to include payments at any point depending on future events.

We already know the Covid-19 vaccine passport app could require people to give their location data to a central database meaning people could be tracked in real time.

Vaccine Passports could setup the backbone for an oppressive digital ID and tracking system which may lead to a health apartheid that would be incompatible with a free and democratic country. This may normalise identity checks, health inspections and increase state control snooping over citizens.

Vaccine Passports could also constitute one of the most fundamental alterations between the individual’s relationship with the state in our modern period. If followed to the natural conclusion, they would be far more radical and far-reaching than Tony Blair’s plans for ID cards. The scheme if not decentralised could potentially hand government and private companies our intimate medical information and threaten to make that intrusion a precondition of participation in civic life.

They are inducting us into a system, a Verifiable Credentials (VCs), non-standard decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and #Blockchain system.

This is to create for us a digital identity and to prepare us, not only for the next pandemic, but maybe for payments, the possibilities are endless and once we are in this system, it’ll be almost impossible to get out.