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Upland Update (March 2021)

By LouP77 (via PublishOx)

Upland SF

So here we are in mid-March 2021. Hopefully nearing the end of the pandemic.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Upland writing contest. I enjoyed reading what others had to say about the game and being able to share my own viewpoint. It’s entertaining to play.

They’ve tightened the rules a bit in Upland where new players at Uplander status can buy at most two properties classified as FSA (Fair Start Act) per week.


I believe there are similar rules for FSA sales as well, though I have several pre-rule change FSA properties that seem to have been grandfathered in as far as the per-week limit goes.

This ultimately is a good thing as otherwise Uplanders would remain highly motivated to target only FSA territory. In turn, that means a slower market for flipped property, particularly combined with new locations (and thus plenty of new FSA lots) being opened up as demand for the game has grown.

Upland properties San Francisco

The adjustment has led me to target San Francisco territory for the relatively few FSA properties that cycle onto the market there in Upland. The website upx.world remains an invaluable resource for anyone playing, in part because of its ability to quickly show you FSA territory in a given city/area.

I’m nearing the cap for Uplander status (86,000+ out of the max 100,000), and soon FSA territory will be outside of my reach altogether.

But until then, I’ll be keeping a sharp eye on the Upland FSA market for my two-per-week limit. Looking to buy/hold in San Fran, as I see strong long-term value there if you can purchase at mint price.

I’d suggest you do the same — if you can. Have fun!



DIY Collecting of Upland Property in Manhattan Owned by the Famous

By Disophy (via PublishOx)

As we head into the a week of scheduled collection releases in Manhattan this week perhaps you’re doing a little scouting of properties to add to your real estate portfolio. One can certainly approach these by the official collections which provide boosted earnings for the properties included in your collection but another approach to a city such as Manhattan might be to look at the residents of the famous be they famous fictional characters from the movies, television, or novels or famous living folks, Manhattan is full of them. As Trent Davis noted in is own search for hidden gems in San Francisco there’s a market for folks interested in Janis Joplin’s home, Joe Dimaggio’s childhood home, and the home from Full House. Manhattan is full of such properties. So rather you’re a fan of Seinfield, Sex and the City, or Sinclair Lewis read on for a tour of properties in Manhattan of the famous be they fictional or real celebrities. I’ll share some properties I bought in the West Village, some owned or for sale by other players, as well as some that as of this writing are freely available on the market. In addition this post is full of links for sites to get started on building your own portfolio of Upland property of the famous.

Standard disclaimer: none of this is investment advice. Do your own research. I make no claim that the information provided which relies on third party websites, is 100% accurate. The links provided should be considered a starting point. Will star value translate into UPX? Only time will tell in Upland. And also a warning: unless you’re just completely immune to the culture and history of Manhattan combing through these properties and researching these links will likely result in you finding some property that you find cool to own just because of the association.  

Jerry Seinfield's Upland Address

According to ScoutingNY.com Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional apartment was located at 129 West 81st street. Currently this address is owned by the player Dallas but perhaps Dallas will entertain the right offer.     

Er, OK, not exactly. Exteriors of the Seinfeld apartment were actually filmed at 757 S. New Hampshire Avenue in Los Angeles. So why use the 129 West 81st Street address? This was the actual building where Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David lived in Manhattan during their early stand-up days.

  We’re talking a fictional place so I think 129 West 81st street gives the owner bragging rights in Upland. Seinfield fans take note though because as of this writing George Costanza’s apartment at 321 West 90th Street can be yours for 57,510 UPX.  

George Costanza's Upland Address

  As ScoutingNY.com notes, arguably the most famous TV townhouse in New York is Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City, located at 64 Perry Street. So here we come to an example of how to potentially profit from some DIY collection building through your own research because


Upland Address for Carrie Bradshaw's place in Sex in the City

…MJC3337 knows the value of this 20 UP2 West Village townhome. For me the thing was that I knew that Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick live in the West Village IRL so with a bit of Googling I found that just last month they sold their townhome of 20 plus years at 57 Charles St and for much less than 3,000,000 UPX I picked that townhouse up from the market.

Sarah Jessica Parker's Recently Sold Address in Upland

Which I thought made a good neighbor for Nobel Prize winning author Sinclair Lewis who lived at 69 Charles Street which is also the current address for the West View News, a good source of West Village News today.  

Sinclair Lewis Upland Address

The West Village is full of history and famous people. One can find whole articles devoted to specific streets or sometimes single blocks such as this one on Charles Street.  Celebrities at the 167 Perry Street condo building are said to include Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, and Calvin Klein. As perhaps Metabeast knows.  

167 Perry St Upland

If you’re a fan of fashion designer Marc Jacobs, actress Hilary Swank or Kings of Leon then perhaps you would be interested in the Superior Ink Condos address of 400 West 12th Street which is on the market for a mere 422,120 UPX.  

400 W 12 St Upland

Another celebrity magnet condo building is located at 150 Charles street home of rocker Jon Bon Jovi and this can be yours if you’ve got 611,220 UPX ready to jump on before a competing Director or Executive does. Properties like this tend to have a rotating number of celebrities in them so when the time comes to sell perhaps you’ll have just the name to drop as you promote it on Discord.    


Condo buildings take up a lot of UP2 and you pay for it but sometimes with a little digging you can find an undiscovered townhome gem such as…  

Lady Gaga has reportedly been renting a five-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom townhome at 53 Downing Street while she finishes recording her new album, according to the New York Post. The 8,260-square-foot pad recently received a complete gut renovation, and has been on the sales market for $23 million since at least January. -The Observer, July 20, 2018


Lady Gaga Upland Property

Here’s a list of 24 celebrities who live in NYC

Leonardo DiCaprio bought a place in these health-centric condos at 66 East 11th Street which can be yours for only 47,250 UPX. 

Maybe this NYC Celebrity map by rentenna.com will help you in your search for that famous property. 

NYC Celebrity Map

Researching this map and as a fan of the movie Lost in Translation I ended up with Sofia Coppola’s place in the West Village


Maybe literature is more your thing, if so, the New York Public Library, as a list of the Best New York City Novels by Neighborhood that might serve as a starting point for research.    Jane Street in the West Village of Manhattan, between Greenwich Avenue and Eighth Avenue (or Hudson Street), is sometimes called “Author’s Row” because of the many famous writers who have lived there.    Here are the Top neighborhoods for bookworms in NYC.    Take a look at Jack Kerouac’s NYC. Although the place where he wrote On the Road at 454 W 20th Street is taken as is the place where William Burrough’s lived at 360 W.108th St  

Jack Kerouac Upland On the Road

But Philosopher Hannah Arendt’s place is available at 370 Riverside Drive.   


Here’s Lou Reed’s New York

And Lou Reed’s home office

And 17 legendary musicians who call Greenwich Village home.   John Lennon and Yoko Ono once resided at 105 Bank St.   

John Lennon 105 Bank Street Upland

A list of iconic New York City music venues.   


Digging around I found Jackson Pollock’s apartment and snagged that. Which interestingly is in a building where Aaron Burr, as in the guy who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel, lived

Jackson Pollock 46 Carmine St Upland

Okay, fine Charlicrypto but what we really want to know is Where Did Andy Warhol Live in NYC? And Where Was The Factory Located?Clearly Uplanddood knows the answer to the last two places Andy Warhol lived in NYC.  

Here’s Edward Hopper’s residence.  

More artist’s addresses from New York magazine.   

The point is that there are a cornucopia of famous properties in New York City, particularly in Manhattan, and densely concentrated in neighborhoods such as my beloved West Village. So have fun exploring the above links and perhaps you’ll land a famous property of your own to brag about or to sell at a fabulous markup to a fan. Have fun building your own collection of famous properties!

I attained a citizenship status in Upland. Now what?

By MermaidChaser (via PublishOx)

Finally it happened – Upland citizenship achieved. I collected everyday UPX bonuses, completed 3 collections after having bought some FSA-labeled properties (there are not many of them left, if at all) in Fresno and boosted my monthly revenue on most of them and even had a lucky chance to “roll” a Pinata. Now my in-game status is secured as permanent (no need to update a visa any more) and buying and selling property also became an option. 

All of which, nevertheless, left me with some questions.

One of which being – what to do next as there seems not (too) much left to do, aside from ordinary buy-sell activity? Ah, there’s also that hunting for treasures, of course, but it is not just my thing. I think there could be much more to the game than just that.

And, secondly, if my Upland transactions are now reflected in the EOS blockchain, how do I access the above-mentioned chain (through any private keys or something)? Should I install a wallet?

And for those yet not familiar with the game, check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase.

Let’s have a discussion on what is lacking in the game and, of course, stay tuned.

PS. Names hidden for some crazy on-the-spot unaccountable reason. Maybe, it’s the political situation down here